Fighting Bee: Tyler Gannon, football

Tyler Gannon
Tyler Gannon

It is said that all great men have mustaches. At Ambrose, the greatest men have beards. Walking the sidewalks of campus, there is one beard that’s fullness and rich, red color cannot go unnoticed. That beard belongs to senior defensive tackle, Tyler Gannon.

“The reason I have the beard is because you can trust a man with a beard,” Gannon said, “It’s the clean cut guys you have to worry about because they’ll take you for all you’re worth.”

The beard is not the only reason Gannon can be trusted. He has had over 11 years of playing football under his belt and also has tried every position except for quarterback and defensive back before finding his home on the defensive line.

Gannon has a recipe for success when he is suited up in the blue and white. First, he has to listen to the Foo Fighter’s “There Goes My Hero.” Second, he has to hit himself in the head three times with his helmet.  Third, he focuses on his job—fire off the ball and make the play.

Off the field, Gannon is still on the fantasy field managing three teams in three different leagues in addition to being a triple major. Graduating this spring with degrees in business, finance, and economics with a minor in organizational leadership, Gannon always cashes in on participation points.

“I love debating with my professors, because in conversations you find that the truth comes to the top,” Gannon said.

Eventually wanting to step into politics, this libertarian is always studying the economy and learning about what came before the universe according to Michio Kaku. For a little comic relief, Gannon also enjoys the humor from stand-up comedian Bill Hicks.

Gannon also has a set list of TV shows that he follows regularly.  “Breaking Bad,” “Entourage,” and “Mad Men,” all make the list. He also much anticipates the return of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.”

“I have great time management skills,” Gannon said about his busy schedule.

Gannon is also cultured in music and food. With an iTunes library full of almost anything, the Joliet native stays far away from the country genre.  To him, nothing beats nineties music, specifically Nirvana. Loving to try new cuisine, sushi is at the top of his list. Close seconds are Indian food, followed by a recent favorite, Thai food.

In spirit of trying new things, Gannon also joined Ambrose’s hockey club. Looking to play defense, he had never played formal hockey before. His experience comes from playing pond hockey.

Before he takes to the ice this winter, watch Gannon take to the turf this fall. The Fighting Bees kick off for the homecoming game verse Concordia Sept. 28th at Brady Street Stadium.


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