Bookstore has new selection in a new location

A lot has changed on campus for many students. Ambrose Hall is getting redone, new security measures have been set up in residence halls and locations have changed for certain rooms. The biggest one, many returning students would learn, is the bookstore’s new home in the Rogalski Center.

Once residing in its own building on Harrison Street and behind Franklin Hall, the SAU Bookstore has taken up residence in what was once the Rogalski Center Game Room and Gottlieb Lounge. The store has been split up into two sections. In the first floor room (what was once the Game Room) is St. Ambrose themed items, like t-shirts, mugs and pencils, as well as general books for outside of class. The room on the second floor (what was once the Gottlieb Lounge) has books for many classes on campus, as well as general school materials.

Linda Macumber, the manager of the bookstore, has said that the decision to move the bookstore to its new location was made by the SAU administration and the Follett Corporation, an Illinois company focused on educational products in the Midwest.

“They had rented out the space during our move and kept the store running for the rest of the year,” Macumber said. “I wasn’t there to help with moving, as I was on medical leave at the time.”

While the bookstore staff is still getting used to their new location, many returning student will also need to adapt to the change. However, they appreciate the change in location.

“It’s better than running across campus to get the store,” SAU junior Mario Vega said. “It helps out a lot that it’s on campus.”

This change is turning out to be well worth the wait. May students have already visited the store this year. Whether it’s looking for books or personal items, the new bookstore layout is definitely providing for anyone in need.



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