‘A Violin’s Life’ brings together old friends

With only a few weeks into the start of the new semester, the SAU Music department has already planned some great shows. Leading off these concerts is a duet performance of ‘A Violin’s Life’ by two experienced musicians: Concertmaster of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Frank Almond, and St Ambrose’s own piano professor, Marian Lee.

Almond got into music at an early age thanks to his music-teaching parents. After years of practice and studying, he soon realized how important an impact his work in music had on him.

“Practicing music helps develop so many skills like control and patience,” Almond said. “It is indispensable to have at an early age.”

Aside from being concert master, Almond also teaches at Northwestern College and hosts master music classes across the country. One of his biggest achievements has been his performance on the violin in the International Tchaikovsky Competition.

“Competitions were something to works towards,” Almond said. “It is something to work on in the beginning of a career.”

As for Marian Lee, returning students would recognize her as St. Ambrose’s newest piano teacher from the fall 2012 semester. During that year, she put on a solo piano performance the Alleart Auditorium in the Galvin Fine Arts building.

“I like to give a performance in the Allaert Auditorium each year,” Lee said. “I’m hoping to do more in the future.”

As such, Lee decided to see if Frank Almond would be available to do a performance, having known him since their study at The Julliard School in New York City. They have remained friends, even after graduation. While Almond was busy working on holding classes across the country, Lee decided to see if he would be available to perform with her this fall.

“I thought that he would be too busy to come,” Lee said. “But he did manage to find some time in his schedule.”

For one night, Frank Almond and Marian Lee played a duet on violin and piano respectively. All were invited to enjoy this performance between old friends who help keep music going.


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