Cheerleading draws record participants

The campus of St. Ambrose University is buzzing this fall with not only tons of new students, but with tons of new student athletes.

SAU’s cheerleading team has always been known for having a large amount of students on their squad, but this year marks the most amount of cheerleaders they’ve had in head coach Felicia Miles’ career. Cheerleading is now ranked third as the most recruited sport on campus with three combined squads of men and women.

“School spirit starts with cheerleading,” Miles said. “When I started at our football games you couldn’t get the fans to stand up and get excited.”

With so many students on the team this year, it won’t be too hard to fire up the SAU football and basketball fans.

“Last year we put all 52 cheerleaders on the sidelines so they can make some noise and get the fans moving,” Miles said. “People were up clapping to the fight song and cheering for the football team, so I like having a large program.”

Although there are many groups within the SAU squad such as small co-ed competitive, all-girl competitive and spirit/cheer non-competitive, the competition is still fierce to fight for every position. Senior Sara Lampo really enjoys the large amount of squad members.

“It’s nice to have so many cheerleaders because you are very likely to have teammates in your classes since there are so many of us,” Lampo said. “That is convenient for studying and asking questions.”

SAU has grown immensely in their program from starting with 11 cheerleaders back in 2008 to 67 cheerleaders for the fall of 2013. Sophomore co-ed competitive flyer Abbe Moore loves the growth SAU has made in their recent years.

“I think it’s great that we already have had a lot of growth for both new and returning members on co-ed, all girl and spirit,” Moore said. “I think that this season will be good for us beginning with games and hopefully making it to nationals again this season.”


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