Ambrosians show their artistic side with Quercus

You could be sitting next to a published poet or artist in one of your classes. Quercus, is a creative arts journal at St. Ambrose that publishes Ambrosians’ writing, artwork, and photography.

“Quercus is meaningful—necessary—to the Ambrose culture because it’s a process of organization and cooperation for the sake of the arts,” Holly Norton, the 2013 literary editor, said. Norton is currently a senior at SAU and has had work published in two editions of Quercus.

This journal of literary and visual arts highlights current and former St. Ambrose students and staff in their artistic and written endeavors. All students, faculty, and alumni are encouraged to submit their work to Quercus.

“Those who submit are generally understanding and respectful of the process whether selected or not, and I think that’s a testament to the staff, alumni, and current student body,” Norton said.

Dr. Carl Herzig selects who will be on the literary editing staff each year. The editor raises awareness about Quercus on campus, arranges the submissions, and leads in the analysis and democratic selection of literary submissions.

“I’ve read each piece no less than several dozen times,” Norton said. “It’s both educational and time consuming work. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to add editing experience to their credentials. There’s much to do and a high level of responsibility, not to mention the fact that we’re putting out an outstanding product that rivals many contemporary university literary publications.”

Quercus is funded as part of the annual SAU budget and the 2013 Quercus reception serves as the annual Liberal Arts Lecture.

“I am extremely honored to be included in such a fantastic publication and excited for this opportunity to get my work out to the world,” Senior, Veronica Swanson said. Swanson is also this year’s art editor and this will be the first year Swanson will have her work published in Quercus.

“In a society that seeks to make deep and harsh funding cuts to these core cultural elements, both in the classroom and in the fabric of society, I am honored to support this with my time and consideration,” Norton said. “These endeavors are worthy. I think that’s what we’re saying when we support a polished book dedicated to the praise of art and literature. It’s a high appreciation for the pursuit of imagination.”

The 22nd annual Quercus Reading & Art Show will be on April 30 in the Ambrose Hall Board Room. Writers will read their poetry and prose and artists display and discuss their artwork from this year’s edition. The reception begins at 6:30 p.m., the reading and show at 7:00 p.m.

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