Senior Editorial: Mary Madormo, News Editor

“Everything happens for a reason.” My Dad has drilled this idea into my head ever since I can remember. While it can sometimes feel like the last thing I want to hear, most of the time it is a great reminder of how lucky I am.

If I had decided not to go to Ambrose, I would not have met the amazing people I did. If I hadn’t met those great professors and students along the way, I would never have decided to double major in both English and journalism. And if that hadn’t happened, I would never have started working for The Buzz. I could go on and on.


Ambrose has become my home throughout these past four years. My trips back home to Naperville went from ‘much needed’ to simply a ‘nice getaway before I went back home to Ambrose.’ The families I have become a part of here are the best, and this is the perfect time to thank them.

My roommates are my sisters. These are the girls I can laugh hysterically with until we can’t even remember what was so funny in the first place. I feel extremely blessed to have grown so close to them throughout the past four years, and I know I could count on them for anything and everything. We have been there for each other’s up’s and down’s, and it is hard to imagine not living with them any longer…which is why I will be calling them each and every day starting May 12.


Nancy Hayes has been an important mentor for me these past four years. I have been lucky enough to not only have her as an advisor but as one of my best and most entertaining professors here at Ambrose.

Father Chuck, Sheila, Dianne, Deb and everyone else in Campus Ministry and the Student Success Center always put a smile on my face.

Then there is my communications family. I want to thank Ann Preston and Alan Sivell for all of their wise words and great lessons both in and out of the classroom. Ann has constantly encouraged me to push myself and has always had faith in me. “Her Campus SAU” would have never begun without her encouragement and continued support these past years, and I am extremely grateful for that. Sivell’s classes have been some of my favorites, teaching me something new each and every day. And, of course, he introduced me to my very special family at The Buzz.

My Buzz family is pretty spectacular. Sara Clifton deserves an award for being the best editor-in-chief. I question every week if there is anything she can’t do. And Tom, Tim, Coethe and Mary have been the best editors to work with this past year. I learn so much from each of them, and I have always looked forward to our Sunday’s spent in the hottest room on campus, the Buzz office.


Each of these people, and countless others, have shaped me into the person I am today. I want to thank each and every one of them for making my four years at Ambrose an experience that will be hard to let go of once I cross the stage and flip over my tassel on May 11.

But now it is time to start another chapter—another adventure. I am anxious and excited for what’s next, but leaving campus after graduation will be really hard for me. Although it’s cheesy, I keep reminding myself, “It’s not goodbye—it’s see you later.”

My years at Ambrose will not be just a great memory, but a part of who I am for the rest of my life. Whether that be when I call one of my roommates to tell her about something funny that happened that day at work, or wear my Antioch sweatshirt, or picture myself back in the Buzz office on a very humid day, this campus and my Ambrosian family will always be with me.

So, Ambrose, with all of that said, thanks again for all of the memories.

I’ll see you later.


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