Senior Editorial: Brittany Krenzelak, Assistant Photo Editor

Aug. 2009, crossing the Iowa state border, car full of everything and anything you can imagine. My 18-year-old self anxious, clueless and a head filled with dreams.

Coming in as an education major, I couldn’t wait to have my own classroom. But during the past four years, things changed. Oh how they changed.

April 2013, sitting in Cosgrove writing this editorial of myself and attempting to find all the right words to explain my four years and pass on my experience to the underclassmen.

While first off, things will change; your personal views, dreams and even relationships. Today, my dream of having my own classroom is gone but now I hold the dream of any chatterbox, getting paid to talk! I changed my major to public relations, and with the endless opportunities, who knows where I’ll end up.

I think going where the wind takes me is the right approach right now, to seize whatever opportunities life offers me. 
Ambrose has been more than a school for me these past four years. Here I have met people that I hope to take with me for the rest of my life. I have been forced to grow up and face my fears, but I have been able to do all of that because of my support system here and along with back home.


All of you lucky enough to still be here, take advantage of everything Ambrose has to offer. It’s the small things that make this adventure worthwhile.

At the beginning of the year I was excited to be a senior and constantly reminded myself, “You’re almost done, you’re almost done.” But now I want to go back to the carefree days of being a freshman, when everything was new and exciting. Now lots of big decisions have to be made, a job needs to be found and those lovely student loans must be paid back.
I have a laundry list of people who got me to where I am today but I promise I will keep things short and simple.

I should start with the communication department as a whole. Since freshman year, you all welcomed me with open arms, along with guiding me into the communication major when the tough decision came up for me. Each and every single one of you believed in me and listened to me when I was stressing out. Thank you for challenging me and not allowing me to give up.

Alan Sivell, you gave me the chance to follow a path I did not think existed. Thank you for looking at hundreds of pictures of mine and teaching me the tricks of the trait. I hope that I lived up to the bar you had set in your mind for me.

To the ladies of campaigns 405, we did it! There were times that I was unsure how we were going to get to this point. Next week we present, and our client is going to be amazed and awed by all of the time, tears and dedication that has been put into this campaign.
To all of the Ambrosians that I have met along the way, I know that you do not realize it, but you did have an effect on me. You brightened my day with a kind gesture, allowed me to interview for The Buzz without complaint or allowed me into your circle of friends. Each and every single one of you have made my four years at Ambrose a pleasure and hard to leave this place.

And last, but most scantly not least, my family, without your constant support I would not be here today. We’ve had some rough times but together we have gotten through the storm. Hope you’re ready for me to come back home!

As my final year comes to a close, I am sad to finish this editorial for the final Buzz issue of the year. I am extremely sad to pack up my room one last time or even to cross the state line into Illinois, no longer as an undergrad but now as a graduate.

Stay classy Ambrose.


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