The student, the budget and the wardrobe

For the most part, there are not a ton of similarities between men and women’s fashion. Usually men do not take as much pride in pairing a perfectly styled outfit. Usually women do not understand why men wear socks and sandals.

The differences between the two fashions are recognizable when walking across campus. But, if you look closely you might see that they are not all that different.

When it comes to fashion there are certain basic pieces that everyone, men and women alike, should own.

When creating a wardrobe, most of the pieces should reflect your personal style. Although, to create a versatile wardrobe there are certain style staples. These include the pieces that can be paired up with practically everything. Next time you are at the store, be sure to check these three things off your shopping list.

Junior Maria DeSio shows off all three basic pieces everyone should own. Alexandra Fulton/The Buzz.
Junior Maria DeSio shows off all three basic pieces everyone should own. Alexandra Fulton/The Buzz.

1. A quality white T-shirt: A white T-shirt can be worn with practically anything. If you are not prone to spilling, you will get a lot of use out of it. Buy soft cotton—not only will it be comfortable, but also it is less likely to shrink. Ladies, pair your white T with jeans for a casual look, or a skirt to dress it up. Style with accessories to make the look your own. Guys, throw on a pair of jeans and a white T. There is a way to dress comfortably without looking sloppy.

2. A good pair of jeans: The ultimate style staple. If you purchase a good pair of jeans, you will get more use out of them than anything else in your closet. Pay for a pair that is quality, so they will last. Jeans are one of the style staples that it is OK to splurge on.

3. Tailored black blazer: Whether you are going out on a Saturday night or to church on a Sunday morning, a black blazer is always appropriate. Ladies, pairing a blazer over a dress or with jeans is always stylish. It is a great way to dress up an otherwise casual outfit, or to make an outfit look more sophisticated. Guys, wearing a blazer doesn’t mean you need to wear a suit. A blazer with jeans is an easy way to look put-together, no matter what time of day it is.

Just like anything else, in fashion you should always start with the basics. Style on, SAU.

Alexandra Fulton/The Buzz.
Alexandra Fulton/The Buzz.

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