SGA: What’s going on

Student Government Association has been working on many new things at their past meetings on March 19 and March 24.

Committee Reports brought new information to the table. First up was the Student Relations Committee. Currently they have been working on making guest passes more convenient to obtain for students living in traditional housing. A meeting with Pat Lynch to discuss details is in the works.

Government Operations continued work on revising the constitution. Articles three through five were revised and ratified in the March 19 meeting. In the March 24 meeting, articles dealing Regular and Special Meetings, Membership, Election, Removal, and
Replacement were all revised. After a presentation to the senate, the changes to articles 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 were all ratified.

Associate Relations has been researching the number of students who are active in clubs. They sent out a survey and are compiling the results. They also served money requests from Chemistry Club who was asking for $600 to send six students to the ACS National Chemistry Meeting in Indianapolis, Ind. The money was awarded by unanimous consent. Triota also came in search of funding help for their annual V-Day event. Asking for $400 to help put on the event so that profit could be donated to Family Resources, they also were awarded the money under unanimous consent.

President Schmadeke shared his experience at the American-Israel Policy Conference in Washington D.C. He was among 240 other Student Government Association Presidents from across the country. At the conference he was able to hear Israel’s Prime Minster and Senator John McCain speak.

Student government elections for the fall term are approaching. To run for SGA, thirty signatures must be obtained with two from current SGA members. Petitions are then turned into SGA. Also, potential members must attend two SGA meetings, which are held on Sunday’s in the Ambrose Board Room.

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