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Newspaper Gift Bags

Recycled newspaper gift bag made from a past issue of The Buzz. Rachel Pasker/The Buzz.
Recycled newspaper gift bag made from a past issue of The Buzz. Rachel Pasker/The Buzz.

1 newspaper
Glue stick
Cardstock (or 2 notecards)
String for the handles


Stack two sheets of newspaper on top of each other and cut a rectangle that is 15.5” wide by 8.25” tall. Fold a 1.25” flap down from the top and a 2” flap up from the bottom. Then measure vertical folds that are starting from the left 4.5”, the next one should be 3”, then 4.5”, then 3” and the last one should be ½ inch. Then cut your cardstock or note card into two pieces that are 4.25” by 1” and glue them to the top of the 4 inch flaps. These will help to keep the top of the bag sturdy; make sure to glue both sheets of paper together on the top to keep them from falling apart. Then glue the ½ flap to the furthest left 4” flap, connecting the newspaper into a box shape. Then, fold the 2” part of the box into triangles as though you were wrapping a present and glue them together to form the bottom of the bag. Next, glue a 4” by 2.5” piece of cardstock or notecard to the bottom to secure it. Finally, you should have a bag that can stand up straight. To add stings for handles, simply punch two holes on both the front and the back of the bag. Then run the string through and tie knots on the inside of each of the holes to hold them in place.

This works perfectly if you want to save part of a newspaper for someone! You can choose what they will see on the outside allowing you to personalize them. Surprisingly, this did not take very long to make and they are perfect for a quick present and look cooler than wrapping paper. This time, give the gift of news instead of just a bag that they will throw away.


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