Fighting Bee Spotlight: Rachel Robinson, Softball

Rachel Robinson. Katie Bailey/The Buzz.
Rachel Robinson. Katie Bailey/The Buzz.

Sipping on her bottle of Green Machine Naked Juice, senior softball player Rachel Robinson fanaticizes about her dream date with Ryan Reynolds. She pictures herself on a Carnival cruise getting lost at sea, while also getting lost in his eyes.

“I would save so many quarters doing my laundry on his washboard abs,” Robinson said.
On a rare occasion, she also uses this image to calm her nerves on the mound along with deep breaths, but it is hard to rattle a pitcher with as much experience as Robinson.

Starting at the age of six, Robinson has played any form of the game from backyard pickup games with her cousins to t-ball to tournament teams.

She has dabbled at first base, but her heart has always been on the mound. Her favorite pitch: the change up.

“It catches batters off guard and it feels good to outsmart them,” Robinson said.

As this is Robinson’s last season, there are aspects of the game that she will miss. Getting to play competitively is one of them. She is not looking forward to the grueling pace of slow pitch softball. Her teammates are another part of the game that she will miss.

After she completes her student teaching at St. Pius Elementary School, the elementary education major with endorsements in special education and reading, hopes to coach at the high school level. Her dream job would be in a school district in south central Iowa close to her hometown of Fairfield.

She chose to look into special education because of her biggest fan, Ross Robinson. Being a special needs student himself, he inspired her to want to help other students like him.

When she is not on the field or finishing up her last semester of classes, there is one place where Robinson can be found. That place is the South Park Mall.

“Shopping is my fetish,” Robinson explained. “There is nothing like a good pair of Miss Me jeans.”

Robinson also has a special talent for finding bargains, which is why her pregame playlist includes “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore.

Listening to that song is not her only game day superstition; she also has to wear a specific blue bow in her hair. Without it, she feels lost.

With bow tied tight around her blond ponytail, Robinson and the rest of the Queen Bee softball team hope to dethrone number one seed and biggest rival, William Penn. The Queen Bees play the Statesmen on April 17 at Assumption High School in Davenport, Iowa.


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