Question of the week: Person on the Street

Do you support gay marriage? Why or why not?

Derek Dixon—New Boston, IL—History Education—Sr.
“Yes I believe that people should not be discriminated in any regard. I feel that if you love someone there shouldn’t be a requirement on love. I believe you should be able to love and marry whoever you want.”

Lo Fiol—Morton Grove, IL—Sports Management—Jr.
“Yes. I support gay marriage. I believe everyone should love who they love.”

Matt Gossett—DuQuoin, IL—Business Management—Jr.
“Yes. I think that it is fair, because people should not be discriminated because of their sexual orientation.”

David Pellett—Decorah, IA—Nursing—Soph.
“Yes. I have family members who are gay and I have been around them so it has never been a factor to me, because they are really good people. I don’t think it is a problem for them to marry who they love.”

Marco Alvarez—Forest Park, IL—Marketing—Jr.
“I support it. I believe you can’t fight who you have feelings for, and people shouldn’t try to stop you.”

Cori Daily—LeClaire, IA—Exercise Science—Jr.
“I support gay marriage, because it doesn’t effect my lifestyle. I believe they should have free choice.”

Celissia Poppe—Nauvoo, IL—Psychology—Jr.
“Yes. I believe everyone should have the right to marry people that they love and who love them back.”

Darian Auge—Fort Madison, IA—Music Performance—Jr.
“Yes. There is a separation of church and state, so I don’t think we can ban it. People should be able to marry who they love.”

Mary Blesz—Dubuque, IA—Marketing—Fresh.
“Yes. I think that marriage should be an equal act.”

David Schweitzer—Gurnee, IL—Finance and Economics—Sr.
“Yes. It’s America. You have a freedom to do what you want. People shouldn’t be restricted on who they want to marry.”

Lane Ryals—Crystal Lake, IL—Human Performance and Fitness—Sr.
“Yes. I don’t have any reason to be against it.”

Guy Dillon—Peoria, IL—Undecided—Fresh.
“Yes. I have an aunt who is married, so I support it and believe in it.”

Ashley St. Aubin—Morton, IL—Engineering—Fresh.
“I support the freedom to choose the lifestyle you want.”

Averi Wilson—New Boston, IL—Biology & Chemistry—Jr.
“I do, because I don’t think that it is hurting anyone.”

Parker Haley—St. Louis, MO—Undecided—Fresh.
“I do. I feel like it is a person choice. Why stop them from being happy?”

Dillon Budde—Bellevue, IA—Marketing—Sr.
“No, because I am Catholic and it’s what the Bible says.”

Tara Goehrke—Hoffman Estates—Elementary Education—Soph.
“Yes. I think everyone should be able to marry who they want.”


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