Circle Tap serves more than just beer

Circle Tap offers great ribs, karaoke and a sense of family. Emilee Renwick/The Buzz.
Circle Tap offers great ribs, karaoke and a sense of family. Emilee Renwick/The Buzz.

Looking for a different scene than Rookies, Mac’s or Carriage Haus? Look no further than a short walk down Locust Street. Circle Tap pub has some of the best ribs around, an entertaining Friday karaoke night and a vintage feel all its own.

Every day there is a special deal just in reach of that broke-college-kid budget including Mexican Thursday’s and $3 cheeseburger baskets on Saturday’s.

“The best part is, once you come in you’re a regular,” owner Deb Lundgren said. “A young Ambrose student can sit next to a 75-year-old man and have great conversation. We are a family here.”

Friday nights house a host of regulars for karaoke night. Whether it’s “All the Single Ladies” or “Black Velvet” it’s a show no less.

Recently they started having live bands once a month and Lundgren says she would be open to having some sort of college night specials if students come up with ideas.

“It’s a hot spot for dates,” Lundgren, nicknamed “Mama Deb” from an Ambrose student, said. “We have had a lot of Ambrose kids who have met here one night and end up getting married. They come back to carve their names in the side of the bar.”

Some people even went to Ambrose because their parents met at Circle.

“My mom went to Marycrest and my dad was working in Davenport,” junior Sara Lampo said. “They met at Circle Tap so they wanted me to come look at Ambrose and here I am.”

As we desperately look to the warmer months, the pub recently just built an outdoor patio behind the main building, where a bags tournament was held this past weekend, and this summer the greenhouse-sized space featuring big screen TVs will be ready for those warm breezy nights.

“In the summer, this outside space is all open and a place to just sit and relax,” Lundgren said.

For 60 plus years Circle Tap has been an Ambrose tradition as much as Last Blast or Homecoming.

“It’s nothing fancy, but we like to have fun,” Lundgren said. “It’s like ‘Cheers.”

A place where everybody knows your name. If they don’t, they’ll learn it. And by last call you are part of the family.


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