SGA: What’s going on

Student Government Association has been busy in discussion with meetings held on Feb. 24 and March 3. Many topics and changes were brought to the meeting by the three different committees.

Student Relations Committee has been focusing on student concerns regarding the water fountains in Lee Lohman. The proposed suggestion would be to replace the water fountain in the weight room with a unit capable of filling water bottles similar to those seen in North Hall. Extending the weekend hours in Lee Lohman is also being addressed. They are also working on making guest passes for the residence halls easier to obtain.

Associate Relations issued an updated budget showing that as a whole, SGA has $12,163.79 left in funds. In order to accommodate for the increasing number of clubs and organizations needing funding, SGA will begin dipping into the rollover budget.

Two organizations came for funding: The Academy of St. Ambrose of Milan requested $1,200 in order to help them fund a screening of a film about St. Augustine held at Rave Cinema. After discussion among the senate, the organization was allocated $1,000 to hold the event.

Student Alumni Association came looking for help with emergency student funds. The money would be set aside for students who come across unexpected financial problems in difficult times. Last year they were allocated $2,000 and the same amount was allocated this year under unanimous consent.

Government Operations Committee has been at work proposing changes to the constitution. The changes focused around revising elected positions. The first proposed idea would eliminate elected positions within the colleges. The class vice president position would also be cut. Each class would have one president and the rest of the positions would be filled with senators. The main rejection to the idea revolved around the abandonment of elected positions to represent the colleges. After much discussion, a roll call vote ended with the allocation not passing.

The second proposal called for a cap of 25 senators, three college senators, and one president and three senators for each class. After an informal standup vote, the second proposal held much more favor among the senate. Further discussion of allocating the action will be in the future. The upcoming elections this spring will still adhere to the previous process used in past elections.

In executive reports, President Pat Schedameke and Vice President Kemper Rusteberg had a breakfast meeting with Sister Joan. They discussed the topic of graduation speakers and came to the conclusion that next fall students will be able to submit names of candidates to speak and then vote on one in the fall.


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