Not your edible M&Ms

Celeste Raya shows off a leopard print inspired spring outfit at the MACA fashion show "Models and Music." Brittany Krenzelak/The Buzz
Celeste Raya shows off a leopard print inspired spring outfit at the MACA fashion show “Models and Music.” Brittany Krenzelak/The Buzz

MACA’s fashion show: Models and Music took place Wednesday March 20. This is the fifth year that MACA has put this show on, to give a spring release and liven up the campus and celebrate Multicultural Week. With the opening performance of the Harlem Shake, the audience was involved and the energetic mood was set for the evening.

“I had a really good time,” Sarah Keeton, one of the models in the show said. “It was fun and I got to meet some new people and break out my dance moves.”

Each runway walk was constructed differently. For both walks, the models chose the clothing that they wore, but one song was chosen by the model and the other was chosen by MACA. “It was a really good experience and fun to make outfits to a song,” Keeton said.

“Models and Music (M&M) relates to how music and fashion, no matter what, is a part of culture,” MACA president Jennifer Arnold said.

The models were students who wanted to be involved in the event. An email was sent out to all students and those who were interested and could fit it into their schedules were the models who were chosen.

The two stores represented in the show were Rue 21 and Deb. In addition to that, models were able to use their own clothing and show off their personal wardrobe to the crowd. Daniella Harris modeled her personal outfit representing the Tanzanian culture. Four Indian students modeled their traditional dress along with two Chinese students who performed a traditional dance in their own culture’s clothing.

These different cultural aspects really tied the show into Cultural Diversity Week. The crowd was able to see the up and coming trends in American fashion, along with the trends and fashions of other cultures.

“It was nice to include the fashion of other cultures,” Dylann Eagleson said.

Initially the show was going to be called the “Runway of Culture.” Having this show take place during Multicultural Week was a great visual addition to the week following in suit with the different foods that the cafeteria showcased.


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