Cafe d’Marie’s uniqueness is part of the charm



Settled in an red brick house in downtown Davenport, Café d’Marie is a unique space with just as unique a menu.

Opened for about two and half years, Café d’Marie offers a menu full of quiches, paninis, salads, and soups, but by no means are they the run of the mill items.

I started with a salad with their house made blueberry feta vinaigrette (which is also available to purchase by the bottle). The salad was fresh (no iceberg lettuce here) and full of vegetables.
I also had the “Kickin’ Chicken” soup, which was hearty and delicious, loaded with vegetables and big pieces of white meat chicken.

I had the turkey panini with cranberry cream cheese and muenster cheese, melted on a three cheese bread. The panini was pressed perfectly, and the cranberry cream cheese had a rich, delicious flavor. The cream cheese spread was unique and had a great smooth texture. The flavor combination was different and unlike any other panini I’ve had before.

Additionally, I had the bacon, tomato, Dubliner cheese and spinach quiche. The portion was huge, and everything was fresh. The crust was perfect; flakey and soft. The combination of flavors was perfect for a hot quiche.

Café d’Marie also offers a wide assortment of different bakery items; scones, cinnamon rolls, “big cookies,” and cakes. They also offer oatmeal and breakfast sandwiches, and have a large variety of coffee and tea drinks in addition to smoothies.

The atmosphere in Café d’Marie is relaxing and warm. The entire space looks like it could be someone’s kitchen at home, which makes it instantly welcoming. The staff was very friendly, and the owner lives above the café.

I highly recommend Café d’Marie and would say that all students should stop by there sometime. It’s a little off the beaten path from SAU and may be a little pricier than the regular sandwich, but they are not your typical sandwiches. It’s a great gem with high quality food and service.

Café d’Marie is located at 614 W. 5th St. in Davenport and is available for hosting private dinners and parties, accommodating up to 45 people.


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