As membership grows, so does opportunity

The four boys who suited up and took charge of their future during the fall semester have ceased to amaze themselves with the growth and success that the marketing club has received in its first year back to the St. Ambrose community.

The last time that we talked to the executive board it was a four-man team. But with the female population here at SAU that didn’t last for long. The executive board has not only doubled but three females have joined the team. Besides the growth within the executive the club has a whole has also doubled.

At the beginning of the year the marketing club had a multiple goals but one big goal in mind. A goal that many people might have thought was impossible but with hard work, dedication and lots of emails and phone calls, that goal was accomplished. The marketing club went on a road trip to Chicago where they got to meet with the marketing team of the Chicago Bears. A total of 22 SAU students went on the adventure where they got a tour, a question and answer period and two interviews for these SAU hopefuls: Joey O’Brien and Brendan Surgrue.

“The nerves didn’t really kick in until I got to Soldier Field but I thought that the interview went well and that I was prepared for it,” O’Brien said. “This truly was a unique opportunity,” Surgrue said. Some other companies that the marketing club got to meet with are Nielsen: Media Research and Red Frog Events.

The next upcoming accomplishment for the marketing club is hosting its own marketing competition where schools in the Quad Cities will be given a situation and must create a marketing campaign on the spot. It’s a huge task but one that the executive board is not taking lightly. There are still some things to finish up before the big day on April 20 but they have come a long way.

With the school year coming to a close there isn’t much more that the group has planned to accomplish, except the continuation to grow. But the team has their eyes set on some new ideas for next year. The idea of an overnight to Minneapolis was thrown around to continue to check out major companies from the area and there is another idea of studying abroad to the areas of London, Switzerland and Amsterdam. It will interesting to see what else the marketing club is going to accomplish.

The club is “always looking to expand the club and take over campus,” member Lawrence Hammer said.

If you would like to learn more and support the marketing club, follow them on Facebook; SAU Marketing Club or on Twitter; @MarketingSAU. The executive team will be conducting interviews for four to five new people to join the executive board.


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