SGA: What’s going on

Student Government Association has held two meetings in the past two weeks. Using their new system, meetings are beginning to see a new efficiency.

One of the biggest issues that has been brought to the attention of SGA is having a student-speaker at graduation. Last year, an alum was chosen to speak even after over 400 signatures petitioned against it. In a breakfast meeting with Sister Joan, President Pat Schmadeke and Vice President Kemper Rustenberg brought forth the issue.

She reported to them that again, there would not be a student speaker. Her reasoning being that the demographic of students has changed with the average age being around twenty-six. She feels as though a student speaker would not have as much appeal to the older students.

When brought back the senate, it was agreed that if they will not be allowed to have a student speaker regardless what the students say, it would be more effective to have a say in choosing who got to speak at graduation. Schmadeke and Rustenberg will present the idea to Sister Joan in their upcoming meeting.

The three committees have also been progressing this semester. The Student Relations Committee met with Steve Finn, General Manager of Sodexo, to discuss student concerns regarding the cafeteria. While not all of their questions could be answered in the meeting, it was confirmed that starting in the fall, the cafeteria will remain open until 7:00 pm.

Government Operations Committee has been working on revising the constitution. Also in their agenda is the revision of the SGA election process. The completion of the revised election process is expected to be complete by the next meeting.

Associate Relations Committee was approached by several clubs and organizations with money requests. Marketing Club approached the committee asking for 635 dollars for a trip to visit the marketing department of the Chicago Bears. When brought to the senate they were granted up to 330 dollars in a unanimous decision. Habitat for Humanity asked for 1,300 dollars to aid them in their trip to Texas for a build. The senate allocated them up to 1,300 dollars in a unanimous decision. Fishing Club was granted up to 1,000 dollars to be used for tournaments and a boat wrap in a unanimous decision. Also Rugby club was allocated up to 1,000 dollars in a unanimous decision to help fund their upcoming season.

Lastly, brought up in new business was the idea that students would charged a Student Activities Fee. This fee would be charged to every full-time student costing up to fifty dollars a semester. It would directly support intramural and club activities as well as events on campus.

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