Apps to help with your spring break travels

Emilee Renwick and Jessa Sherman at Doctor Fish in Greece. The spa is complete with a TripAdvisor stamp in the window. The Buzz/Submitted.
Emilee Renwick and Jessa Sherman at Doctor Fish in Greece. The spa is complete with a TripAdvisor stamp in the window. The Buzz/Submitted.

As we start getting those beach bags with the cobwebs on them the aroma of sun tan lotion wafts generously enough to envision the sand between your toes and the sun warming your skin, it’s spring break., but wait a tick. Forget about the towels and six-pack how are you getting there? You forgot to print off directions and you deleted your confirmation email. Look no further than the App store.

Many of us college kids will stuff 7 into a 4-person car and attempt to pull off a nice Shiner’s impression. But really, how are you getting there? The days of pulling the map out the glove compartment are over, thank the Lord for that, no one could fold it back up anyway. We all use our GPS, smartphones, and Google maps. However, next time you happen to be in the App store check out the new travel apps that will not only help you get to that sunny destination but help you pick places to eat, shop, or sleep.

The KAYAK app can help you find a place to stay, your flight, and even renting a car all while staying on that tight college budget by comparing different sites all on this one app. Bonus: you can book your hotel right from the app if you’re still on the road and need a place to crash.

The TripAdvisor app is well known for having helpful reviews on hotels, flights and restaurants. I used this app and the Near Me Now technology on my iPad while in Greece to find restaurants nearby. It also gives you ideas of interesting places to go around the area. It brought me to a place to get a fish pedicure. Bonus: Places with the TripAdvisor logo in their window are almost guaranteed to be a good choice because all their users have reviewed them.

The TripIt app works with the college way as well. If you’re already getting low on your printing money or just getting into the green movement this app and all your travel plans will be all be in one place. It “automagically” brings all your trip details and confirmation emails together for you. Bonus: so your mom doesn’t freak out–you can share them with friends and family on Facebook.

The National Geographic app for the history buff at heart or for the broke college kid that can’t quite make it all the way to Yellowstone in one week. It gives you the top 20 U.S. national parks to browse under your thumbs along with your GPS coordinates and must-dos for every park. Bonus: you get tips from National Geographic photographers and pictures from their archives.

The days of printing off your itinerary for your over protected parents and getting lost on the side in the middle of Kentucky are over. Grab your smartphone or tablet and get your spring break on.


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