The student, the budget and the wardrobe

The unspoken rule for awards shows is save the best for last. The show always ends with the most anticipated award of the “Best Picture” and the last award show of the season is always the Oscars. The red carpet at the Academy Awards has been graced with the most beautiful and best-dressed stars. Unfortunately, the carpet has also been graced with the stars that look like they got dressed in the dark.

Generally stars bring their style A-game to the red carpet, but sometimes it is just not their best effort. Stars aim to stand out. Whether they are hoping to stand in front of the crowd reciting a speech, spur of the moment, or if they are sitting in the audience, they want to be noticed. Most would hope to be noticed for being well-dressed, but for some celebrities, this is not the case.

In the case of the 2001 Academy Awards, Bjork was surely noticed. Her swan dress was the running joke of all coverage of the 73rd Academy Awards, whether in tabloids or on TV. To this day her dress, that looked more like a figure skating costume, still makes even the least fashionable people laugh.

There have been so many beautiful, well-dressed stars on the red carpet that it is hard to pick a few worthy of the title of “Best Dressed.” The best dressed are usually on the list more than a few times, and are usually not ones to disappoint.

All eyes were on Penelope Cruz at the 2007 Academy Awards. The skirt of the dress might have been loud, but the subdued light pink color and her natural hair and make-up put her on top of the best dressed list.  It went either way with the critics, but if you can pull off pink feathers and look that good, you might as well take the risk.

Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow have to be the best dressed, best friends of all time. Both of their dresses from 2011 made a statement in very different ways. Paltrow stole the show with her shiny but simple silver gown. Kidman might be responsible for bringing peplum style dresses back to the red carpet. Her appearance was simple, but the details of her dress are what made it great. Both of the stars are no rookies to the best dressed list, and at this rate they will be on it for many award shows to come.

The bulk of the award season is over, and there have already been a few stars that have scored big in the award department. One of these stars has also scored big on the list of best dressed. At last year’s Oscars, Jessica Chastain made the list for her black gown with intricate gold detailing. This year, she won the Golden Globe for best actress in a film and was nominated for the same award at the SAG awards. She is up for the best actress nomination at the Oscars for her work in “Zero Dark Thirty,” but based on her dress from the 2012 Oscars, she is also up for best dressed at this year’s Academy Awards.

Style On, SAU.


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