SGA: What’s going on

With the crash of the gavel, Student Government Association started off second semester with a meeting on Jan. 27.

The start of the new semester also brought the start of a new system. SGA is now divided into three committees: student relations, government operations, and associate relations. The new system cut the number of previous committees nearly in half. It was implemented in order to make meetings more efficient.

The new committees reported their plans for the semester. The student relations committee created a brainstormed list of projects and goals for the semester.

The government operations committee reported that they are picking up where they left off last semester, revising the SGA constitution. They are also compiling a binder full of records to help future generations of SGA members plan and organize events.

Lastly, the associate relations committee filled the group in on their work in revising funding requests. The new stipulations for clubs and organizations that receive money from SGA include: giving the money in the form of reimbursements and having the clubs come back and share what they did with the money. The group is also working on how to present money requests to the entire senate.

After committee reports came to a conclusion, SGA President Pat Schmadeke reviewed the previous semester looking back on all the things that SGA had accomplished. Some of the highlights included the first ever Freshman Town Hall Meeting, creating and sending the first resolution since 2004 to Sister Joan, and the reconstruction of the committees.

Looking forward to the current semester, Schemedeke said, “The core of what we do is through our committees.”

The new semester also brought open seats to the senate. Positions are open within the colleges. Those who were invited to sit in on meetings will be able to petition on to become voting members.

As always, SGA meetings are open to all students. Meetings take place in the Rogalski Center in the Ambrose Room at 8:00 p.m. on Sunday nights.


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