Printing in your PJs from your dorm room

printersImagine staying in bed and printing your homework straight from your laptop right in your dorm room. It would make dorm life a whole lot easier, and it’s about to become a reality.

A new printer system called Papercut Web Print will allow students to print wirelessly from their own computers from all across campus rather than only in computer labs.

“Right now, you have to go to a lab and work on stuff,” SAU Desktop Support Specialist Sean Cox said. “I think students are going to love this. They’re going to be able to send a file from inside their dorm room and then go pick it up later on.”

The online printing will hold the files for two hours so students have plenty of time to get to a printer. Students will be able to pick their printing release station and pick their papers up on the way to class.
Students are looking forward to the addition.

“I think that having printers over at Rogalski Center and New Hall are fabulous ideas,” international studies junior Kemper Rusteberg said. “I don’t know why we haven’t had them sooner.”

It’s not up and running yet, but the IT department is working actively to make it happen.

There is already a release station at West Hall with a sign explaining what is soon to come, and another will go up near the couches on the first floor of Rogalski. Pre-existing labs will also become wireless spots.

Users will log in through a website, upload the files they want printed and be charged through the same account they have now.

“I’ll use it everyday,” Rusteberg said. “I live upstairs in West Hall so I’ll come down there and print all my stuff out.”

While there is no positive start date for the new project, it is expected to happen soon. Cox said an email will be sent out to students once the printers are in action.


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