Pin now…do later

rachel to doAre you tired of wasting paper writing down all of your to-do lists? Or have you finally decided you should start making one? Well here is a fun way to make your own reusable to-do list. Essentially, you only need four things:
-Any picture frame (these can be found at Target for as inexpensive as $3 each)
– A dry erase marker of any color, or multiple markers of various colors (preferably one with an eraser)
-Colored or lined paper for a background
-Stickers or anything else you would like to decorate the frame with

After you have obtained these, the rest is pretty simple. All you have to do is take the picture of random people from the frame and replace it with either lined notebook paper or any color construction or scrapbook paper. Then you can decorate the outside of the frame however you like. The best part about this is that if you are making it for someone else for a birthday, you can customize it specifically for them. The website used a large frame with sections for each day. If you don’t want one that big, you can use just a single frame that will stand on your desk.


The version found on Pinterest includes every day of the week.


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