From freshmen to seniors, hall directors can help

hall directorsSome students at St. Ambrose University may not know about the people who help maintain the residence halls and activities for the residents themselves. They help to make a friendly community and assist them through any troubles as they can. They are the hall directors of SAU.

These are the staff members who do their best to create a community where all students feel welcomed. Even though they are few in number and spread out among residence halls, the hall directors work on maintaining the student relationships in their buildings.

Brittany Smith, the hall director of Davis and Hayes Halls, as well as the SAU houses, talked about the importance of building a community in those buildings.

“You need to be one-on-one with students in the building,” Smith said. “It gives you a good idea of the student and to make sure that they get along with others and fit right in.”

Aside from helping students fit in, they also help students figure out their way throughout college. Angie Mullenbach, the hall director of Cosgrove Hall, knows how to handle the first year freshmen as well as the upper class seniors.

“Freshmen need to learn the ins and outs of college,” Mullenbach said. “We help guide them and answer any questions they might have. Seniors, on the other hand, are transitioning out of college and are thinking about what they should do next. We help by getting them ready for interviews after they graduate.”

Of course, the hall directors aren’t in this alone. Aside from helping each other plan for events that take place across campus, they also have helpers and assistance from those in the residence halls themselves.
“We get help from the assistant hall director as well as the resident advisers,” Mullenbach said. “The assistants usually have between one semester to one year experience as an RA.”

As for experience among the hall directors, there is plenty to go around. Most of the hall directors have been working at St. Ambrose for more than a year now and have all graduated from college at one time or another. They have been in students’ shoes before and can use that experience while working at St. Ambrose.

Above all else, the hall directors of SAU are helping the residence halls and the students within them. They work on building a strong community among students, organizing different activities to give students new experiences. They also help in making sure that the students are adjusting to their college lives, as well as prepare them for a life after graduation. Even if you don’t see them day-to-day, you’ll know they’ll be looking out for the students and helping them as best they can.


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