Stealing the show

Members of CAB and the band Timeflies in the Rogalski Center. The Buzz/Submitted.
Members of CAB and the band Timeflies in the Rogalski Center. The Buzz/Submitted.
Whether it’s setting up for the president to visit, the upcoming Maroon 5 concert or a psychic in Rogalski Center, the people who coordinate these events become almost as important as the main acts.

Brittany Bersano knows all the work that goes into a huge event. She’s the St. Ambrose University’s night life coordinator. Bersano has been a part of Campus Activities Board (CAB) on the executive board for two years.

“I have helped bring in numerous comedians such as Pete Lee, musical artists such as Timeflies and hypnotists such as Chris Jones,” Bersano said. “I also help put together themed weekends, for example, Family Weekend on campus. Most recently, I organized a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness by creating and selling shirts for those on and off campus.”

CAB creates events or activities to get students, faculty and families involved. The club spends a lot of time brainstorming and thinking of events to put on.

“The length of preparation for an event depends on which event is taking place,” Bersano said. “Typically, we book major acts during the spring, which come to campus the following school year. However, some acts are brought in at random times throughout the academic year.”

The experience that Bersano gets form putting on these events can help her in her career, she hopes to plan music events for a living.

“It’s not just book the act and yoiu’re done,” Bersano said. “There is a lot of small things that go into it, for example, I set up chairs, make flyers, make sure that the person performing has everything they need, and more.”


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