The student, the budget and the wardrobe

It seems almost impossible to be fashionable on a cold walk to class during an Iowa winter. Most of us find ourselves wearing big sweatshirts with hoods, and layering anything you can scramble to find on a rushed, gloomy Monday morning. Once you get to class the first five minutes are usually spent peeling back layers of clothing, so you can be comfortable sitting through a lecture. What if you didn’t have to worry about any of that? You could simply throw on a few winter pieces, and be ready for the freezing temperatures waiting for you outside. There are five essential winter pieces that will help you stay warm and frostbite-free outside, while not making you overheat in class. All of these pieces can be find at stores around campus. Luckily, many of the pieces are currently on sale, seeing as most stores are making the transition to spring long before Mother Nature.

Beanie Hat
Trade in your hood for a fashion-forward and cozy alternative. Whether you want to cover up a bad hair day, or just stay warm a beanie hat is the perfect accessory. The Gap sale section is the place to go for an inexpensive beanie hat. The hat pictured was purchased there for around $10.

Infinity Scarves
When buying a scarf you want it to be practical, but you also want it to be stylish. Often times you buy a scarf and it is either too short or too long. On a rushed morning, I know I would rather go without a scarf, than spend the time it takes to figure out an effective way to tie it. An infinity scarf erases all of these worries. It couldn’t be anymore practical, throw it on and you’re done.

Photo by Alexandra Fulton
Photo by Alexandra Fulton

Chunky Sweaters
After wearing a big, chunky sweater to class you will want to ditch your hoodies for good. Most of the time people will comment on how nice you look for class, when in reality you feel like you’re in your pajamas. There is no better way to look cute and be comfortable.

Photo by Alexandra Fulton
Photo by Alexandra Fulton

Vests have made there way back onto the runway and magazine covers. Jean, fur and even sweater vests can be cute if you wear them the right way. Whether you are wearing a vest over a long sleeved shirt or a sweater they are perfect for under your winter coat and a great piece to carry over to your spring wardrobe.

Keeping your feet warm during the winter might be the hardest thing to do. If you are anything like me, once your feet are cold they never seem to get warm. There are a few things you can do to solve this problem. The first, which is extremely inconvenient, would be to layer up socks and throw on a pair of gym shoes. The second seems much more reasonable, buy a good pair of boots. Whether you buy a pair of waterproof, fur or leather boots, chances are they will last you a long time and keep you warm all winter long.

Photo by Alexandra Fulton
Photo by Alexandra Fulton


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