Quercus showcases talents of Ambrose community

Members of St. Ambrose’s very own Quercus are preparing to unveil a new issue this spring. Quercus, which was established in 1992, is a creative arts journal that publishes writing as well as artwork and photography once per year in the spring. The submissions considered for this journal come from students, faculty, staff and alumni of St. Ambrose. Once someone finishes his or her material, it is any easy process to submit it.

“All one has to do is send their submissions by email to Quercus@sau.edu,” Quercus advisor Carl Herzig said. “It really is that easy.”

The submissions do not have to follow any particular theme. Quercus will use any type of writing as long as the writing is original and can be classified as fiction.

After something is submitted, it is reviewed by a group of Quercus editors. They have literary editors for all the writing that is submitted and art editors for the material submitted for artwork as well as photography. Quercus receives many submissions each year, so they are always looking for more editors to help out with the process.

“We get hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of writings from students,” Herzig said. “If someone is interested in joining the staff, they are welcome to do so. The only requirements are sincere interest in doing it and a willingness to come to all of the meetings and read all the material.”

It can be extremely beneficial for students to submit their work to Quercus. There is the benefit of having something to put on their resume. Instead of having to find writing, artwork or photography that they have done in classes, students can simply find their material in this journal and use it when looking for jobs after college. This can also show how far their writing or artwork has come over time. It also allows students to improve their writing or artwork.

“Just submitting stuff takes a writer or artist to another level with their work,” Herzig said. “When you write for yourself it’s great. But when you start to think about other people reading it, you think of it a little differently. It allows you to keep notching up another level of proficiency and professionalism.”

Quercus will be coming out near the end of the spring. When it is ready to be released, there is an event that allows contributors who are available to describe their work and why they decided to submit a particular piece or writing or artwork.

“There is a reading and an art show where the people who can come read and display their work and explain it,” Herzig said.

This year this event will take place at the Arts and Sciences Lecture on April 30.


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