Women’s Connection honors two SAU students

emma&jenOn Jan. 23, two of our own St. Ambrose students were recognized as emerging women leaders by Women’s Connection. Those confident, competent and courageous women are senior Jennifer Arnold and junior Emma Williams.

The Women’s Connection is a nonprofit organization that’s mission is to bring women together to inspire, educate and empower each other. This organization started in 1997 with the goal of creating a network of women to support and learn from each other. Today, Women’s Connection has grown to have more than 900 members in Ill. and Iowa.

“I’m just proud of Ambrose for molding me into the emerging leader I am and steadily still becoming,” Arnold said.

Over their years at SAU these women have made their presence known by being a part of Residence Life and the Admissions office by sharing their personal stories and love for SAU with future Bees. Along with multiple other activities throughout campus. Both of these faces and names are well known around campus but it was Dean Philips who recommended this two for the award.

”It was an honor to be nominated and it’s always a nice feeling to know you’re respected by your peers and elders,” Arnold said.

Another person who had a hand in this celebration of Arnold and Williams was Angela Elliott, director of the career center, who put the whole luncheon together and accompanied the two to the event.

“It was nice to be honored with other women as well we all spoke and congratulated one another,” Arnold said.

Along with our own Fighting Bees winning this award, 13 other emerging women leaders were also recognized. Other emerging women came from nine other schools around the area, including: Augustana, Black Hawk, Western and Ashford.

“It was an awesome networking experience, especially as a public relations major,” Williams said. “It was great to see all of the passion and excitement about all of the businesses and organizations in the area.”

Some of the other women that came together from the area included CEOs, politicians and managers. All of these women came together to say congratulations to the future leaders and share their knowledge and experiences.

“It was a cool experience; between the connections and the great food,” Williams said.  “I was so honored being there representing a school that has really guided me and allowed me to become the leader I am today.”

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