We are all family at St. Ambrose University

As graduation quickly approaches, one feeling has been overwhelming me and that feeling is gratitude. I will forever feel grateful for the families I came to know and love at St. Ambrose. I made it a goal for my time spent here to spread myself out as much as possible and take part in the many wonderful families that this university has to offer. Anyone who knows me well would say that I have a tendency to become quite a sap when I reflect on the things that are most influential in my life. So, for those who feel uncomfortable with mushy goodbyes, this might not be suitable for you…

It all started with the nursing family. I appreciate my instructors who challenged me and taught me the discipline necessary to be incredibly successful in anything I set my mind to. What makes me even more grateful is the fact that they didn’t allow me to feel as though I was a quitter when I decided that nursing wasn’t for me. What an incredible program that was to be a part of; I would trust any of those students to be my nurse some day.

I also appreciate my instructors in the communication family for welcoming me with opened arms after I decided to change my major, yet again. They too pushed me to put my best effort into my studies and because of that, I feel as though I’ve gained incredible skills. They also showed me the support I needed when I was feeling overwhelmed. Most of all, they believed in me and in my abilities as a writer, a public speaker, a news reporter, and so much more. I don’t know that I would have experienced such support if I had attended a larger university.  Everyone in this department feels like family to me and I will never forget the experiences I had with each one of them.

I can’t thank my Residence Life family enough for giving me the opportunity to not only grow as an individual, but as a leader. It wasn’t easy being a resident advisor, but I always felt a sense of comfort in knowing that there were more than 50 people on campus who were willing to encourage me whenever I needed it, or to simply be my friend.  There’s nothing more rewarding than being a leader to my peers, and without Residence Life, I never would have known that I was capable of such a challenging role.

The Career Center family helped me understand which field my talents and strengths would be most applicable, and because of that, I am forever grateful. They gave me direction at a point in my life when I wasn’t sure what to strive for.

I will always hold a special place in my heart for my family in security after working with them over the summer. They are hard workers who are constantly being called on for various reasons. I want them to know that I developed newfound respect for everyone in that department after being a part of it.

The counseling center family is home to some of the most incredible people I’ve ever known. I don’t think I would be who I am today without the commitment and companionship that they showed me.

The music department family is where I was able to share one of my truest passions in life; to sing. It is comprised of so many talented and knowledgeable people who I instantly felt comfortable with because of our shared love for music. It’s what made my time spent here so rich and fulfilling.

I was able to be a part of a very special family during my 2011 winter break. I traveled to India with some of the most giving, open-minded people I’ve ever known. Together we shared experiences that tested our patience, and our ability to adapt to surroundings that were very different from what we were used to. That entire trip changed my life and I couldn’t have chosen more amazing people to spend that time with.

I also cannot be more grateful for the greater Ambrose community. The people who I came in contact with over the past four years are who I have to thank for the person I am today. I feel as though this community gave me the freedom to discover who I truly was, even at times when I was a bit confused. Whether we shared good experiences, or bad, I appreciate them all because I learned so much about life and how to contribute to society in the most genuine, loving way I know how.

Finally, before I graduate, I have to thank my own family; yes, the Quid family. Without them, I wouldn’t have all of these other families to be thankful for because I wouldn’t be here. They understood the value of education and never allowed me to forget how it could change my life forever.  They also accepted the distance I needed at times to learn how to become a strong, independent individual. They are the most precious gift I could have ever been blessed with.

Because of my time spent at St. Ambrose, I am excited for what lies ahead in my future. I am not afraid of the unknown, but rather confident in knowing that this institution provided me with the tools I need to lead an inspired and fulfilled life. I wouldn’t dare to leave without letting everyone know the impact they’ve had on my life. So, consider this my most sincere “Thank You” to a community that truly became my family.

Katie Quid

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