The little things in life

The most important things in a college student’s life are quarters for laundry, buzz bucks for something other than cafeteria food, the Sunday paper for coupons, and collecting cans for extra money. The little things in life.

As college students we tend to only look as far as our arm can reach for a can of beer. Which makes us alcoholics and is fine for the time being according to society, but what about next year? What are your plans for the future? To tell the truth, thinking about the future doesn’t scare me as much as it should and no I don’t have a job yet, so stop asking. The thing that really scares me, is how in the world am I going to pay off all my loans in a reasonable amount of time and am I even good enough to even have a “real” job at this point in my life. These are the very things that keep me up at night.

I am 21 years old and feel like I am not even an adult. I can get into the bars but I still want my mom to do my laundry. College is supposed to prepare you for “the real world,” but it almost feels more like a crutch. Yes, I pay my own bills but I never had to personally

look for a job, an apartment, or even make my own food. I have been in this world my whole life, but I still don’t know how anything works. I still feel like a child, I even look like a child. Am I being Punk’d, are you sure I am actually graduating this year?

Even the small things scare me. For example, when I get my own apartment who am I going to know on my floor or even in my building. I may be forever alone, I hope not-I am a very social person and I need to talk. I like having my friends living around me. What if I need to borrow something? I will no longer be able to get milk from Austin, an iron from Ben, or even steal a movie from Joe. This may be sad to you, but these are the things I will miss the most.

I think of Ambrose as my home and now I am leaving my family when I graduate. I wish I could say that we are all going to keep in touch, but I know better. I remember my high school graduation. But there will be a few people I will keep in touch with and reminisce about mud diving, late night ice cream trips, and stressful procrastinating. I don’t like to get sentimental at all, but I will miss this place. Even though I did have my fair share of frustrating moments. The good outweigh the bad, but only because I had great friends, amazing teachers, and awesome roommates to share it with. Without them, to be honest I probably would have transferred.

Over all it is the little things that bring the best memories dancing and singing in the car, dressing up like complete idiots, and even watching “Golden Girls.” Yes, I said it, I love watching “Golden Girls” and chances are that my life will most likely turn out like that. So deal with it.

I didn’t want to make this into a college survival guide of what I think all you young folks should do while you are here, because frankly you would laugh it off and ask me why I just called you all young folks. I also most certainly don’t want to make this into remembering all the good time in my college life, just look at my Facebook if you want that kind of story. I guess I am just trying to  tell you that the little time you spend with people just might turn out to be the things you will miss the most.

College is supposed to be the best four years of your life, but I think that it is the start to something even better. Hopefully one day I won’t need to sell my plasma to buy some bread and milk, but until then I guess I will have to find cash the only ways a college student knows how.

“We need some money to build a clubhouse.” This is how I feel, aside for building a clubhouse I’d rather have an apartment, but I am sick of getting five cents for every can and getting excited for every penny I find on the ground. I need a job.

If you don’t already know me I have two movies I like to quote often- “Little Rascals” and “Billy Madison.” Those two movies just have a quote for every situation in life. If I didn’t have at least one of those movies in this article, I wouldn’t be able to say this article is about me.

Classes here have taught me a lot about my major, other people, and myself. I am still unsure what I want to do with my major, but I know that I can probably handle anything. Basically due to the fact that I may have went a little overboard with extra work these past few years. I have learned that there are many types of people, sometimes things can not live up to my standards, and that I may be a bit of a perfectionist (not much though.) It surely has been an interesting ride.

Well like my college years this article is coming to an end and I bet you were wondering this whole time why is there a picture of these three people randomly here. Let me just tell you that it is not random at all. This photo  actually explains a lot about my college life and those two people next to me are two of my best college friends. I have more but they can’t all fit into one picture, plus this one is kind of funny. But these two people are ridiculous, one is in love with chick flicks (Joe) and the other on tries to get me naked (Mackenzie, and its for art people) but I love them both.

So, there you have it my fears, my  money problems, and pretty much my whole life in one little fun filled article, don’t you feel lucky.

I don’t know how else to end this, so I will just say “that’ll do pig, that’ll do.”


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