Seniors features in art honors show

When Munir Sayegh, Sarah Wurst, and Elizabeth Farley applied for the “Senior Honors Show” last semester, they didn’t know what would be in store for them. Each were selected to showcase their own works of art in the Catich Gallery in Galvin Fine Arts Center. There were some mixed emotions when the trio found out that they were the ones accepted.

“I was excited and scared at the same time. Senior honors is very scary because essentially you have to create a body of work that has a theme and it has to be the best work you’ve ever done in roughly four months,” Sayegh said.

Four months may seem like a long time to those who aren’t familiar with creating art from scratch, but the artists knew they were facing a highly involved assignment.

Each artist was paired with an advisor to make sure that his or her pieces were cohesive and remained within the scope of their theme.

“Usually the things you do at the very beginning are never ready. It’s supposed to be something personal, so you could create art that’s very personal to you and you think it’s really good, but then your advisor might tell you that this isn’t the direction you’re supposed to go, so then you have to start over,” Sayegh said.

The amount of students selected to participate in the senior honors show varies each year. This year was unique because of the variety of art that is being shown.

“It’s really neat this year because we have three different mediums represented with painting, graphic design, and book arts. That really shows the strengths of the art department,” Wurst said.

Although it was rather exciting for the artists to claim such an esteemed undertaking, they anticipated the overwhelming nature of such an honor.

“There is a lot of pressure from the art department to really make this the best show you can possibly make it,” Sayegh said.

Wurst agrees with Sayegh’s claim that the bar is set high for these artists. She points out that it’s quite overwhelming to develop an entire show because up until this point, they’d only been creating one or two paintings at a time. There is also the expectation that the artists understand the philosophy and story behind the pieces they’ve created.

“Knowing how to do that and then having so many different ways to say that in your work is kind of a big deal,” Wurst said.

The artists began their pieces at the beginning of spring semester and were finally able to wrap up their work in mid April. Sayegh’s work will present the theme “obligation,” Wurst will present “bewildered,” and Farley will present “expired.”

It was a long and tiring journey for the artists, but they are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Their hard work will finally pay off once they can hang up their pieces in the gallery and share the fruits of their creativity with the Ambrose community.

“It’s been a really creative semester for me. It’s been so fun and I think I’ve come a long way,” Wurst said.

“It’s a lot of pressure, but it’s really fulfilling once you finish it. I’m so excited for the show. I can’t wait,” Sayegh said.

The “Senior Honors Show” will be open noon – 5 p.m., Tuesday–Friday, or by appointment. The show, which is free and open to the public, will run through Friday, May 13. An opening reception will be held Friday, April 29, from 5-7 p.m. in the gallery.


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