Last Blast brings the school year to an end

The end of the year is quickly approaching, which also means so is the most highly anticipated weekend of the year for most students. Last Blast weekend will take place the weekend of April 29.

Like all years, the weekend is going to be jam packed with activities and things for students to do all weekend long.

The ever-popular inflatables on Friday night, along with “The best of live outside the lounge,” will be followed by live band karaoke for the third year in a row. Students get the chance to become a part of a real live band, and become the lead singer from 9p.m. until midnight.

The Dash for Drex is Saturday at 9a.m., with SomDay games to follow at 10:30 a.m. Of course, spending time with your friends in the quad will all be a part of the Saturday activities. Students will also be able to enjoy some outdoor bands on the Rogalski center patio from 3:30p.m. until 6:30p.m.

While a tremendous amount of work goes into planning all these events, some faculty and staff members may wonder if it’s really worth it. Usually all students want to do is hang out in the quad and hop from house to house.

However, spending the entire day in the quad hasn’t always been the popular place for Last Blast.

Director of Residence Life Matt Hansen has noticed over his 12 years how the hangout spots for Last Blast have moved around to different areas of the campus, recently residing in the Town House quad.

“You know, it’s a natural spot for students to want to hang out. It is a huge courtyard of green space, and honestly students probably feel protected,” Hansen said.

The Residence Life team is going to be instating the wrist band system again this year, as they saw it to be worthwhile last year.

“A lot of people want to hang out with each other, some of age, and some not of age,” Hansen said. “This way, a 21-year-old can have his wrist band and not be responsible for having alcohol just in the presence of someone underage. The institution struggles with finding a happy medium that is appropriate, safe, and law-abiding. The wrist band system is able to do this.”

The Saturday of Last Blast has been designed for students around campus to come together and hang out one last time before saying good bye for the summer.

As senior Audrey Stanek nears her final Last Blast, she can’t think of a better place to spend it.

“I love hanging out in the quad on that day! It’s the easiest way to get everyone together and enjoy all sorts of games like bags and hillbilly golf,” Stanek stated. “It’s also the easiest way to move around and visit all the different groups of friends.”

Junior Lauren Kramer agrees with Stanek that there’s not better place than the townhouse quad.

“I love being outside all day with my friends in the quad, it has been the perfect way to end the year for the past couple years,” Kramer said.

To see what all the fuss is about, students can participate in Last Blast events beginning Friday.


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