Green River Ordinance comes to SAU campus

Green River Ordinance has certainly had its ups and downs. From totaling their tour van to opening for Bon Jovi in front of a crowd of 20,000 it is clear that Green River Ordinance has been through a lot and now they can add performing at St. Ambrose to their list of accomplishments.

GRO rocked the stage in the Rogalski Center Ballroom for this CAB sponsored event on April 26. Although this event was planned for the spring, the process of planning this event actually started back in September and CAB got the official contract from GRO over winter break.

“I started looking at lots of different people in September,” Alison Mooney, CAB special events chair, said. “I actually knew about GRO because a friend had told me about them freshman year. I thought that everyone would like them because their music goes across genres.”

The band itself got its start when brothers Jamey Ice (bassist) and Geoff Ice (guitarist) formed the group when they were only 15 and 13 years old.

“The style at the time was more of a blues rock direction. The band name was on a street sign in our parents’ garage. At the time we were very Creedence Clearwater Revival inspired so the name just fit,” the band said.

Throughout the years the band has had many rewarding experiences and they have toured with such artists as Third Eye Blind and Collective Soul. They said they especially enjoy playing on college campuses like St. Ambrose because they like getting to experience the fan interaction from stage.

“One of the most rewarding things about playing in a band is the people you get to meet. So much of what we do is built on relationships. Our fans are the lifeblood of what we do.”

The band also has a passion for giving back and created a charity website called

“One of the big fronts we have tried to challenge ourselves on is why we do what we do. We brainstormed some creative ways to incorporate our individual passions for certain causes with our music. What we landed on was,” the band said.

Through the website, fans can directly donate money to charities that the band has chosen. GRO offers fans 10 songs for purchase and information on five charities that each member of the band has picked. The fan can then select which songs they would like to purchase and select which band member’s charity they would like their money to be contributed to. One hundred percent of the proceeds go directly to the charity.

Although the band has had much success and is giving back, they have also had their share of troubles.

“GRO was an endeavor we started 10 years ago with no idea where it would take us. We have all experienced a great amount of life together and it has been important to remain friends through it all. When you spend so much time with each other it is easy to see how bands end up hating each other. We have had to really work on putting our personal lives first. This whole thing would have fallen apart long ago if it wasn’t for an awareness of this,” the band said.

This pop rock band also has a lot of plans for the future. They recently release an EP that explored more of a southern style than their “Out of My Hands” record and are trying to find a way to blend that style into their sound. They are also starting on their next record and then plan to hit the road after it is released.

On April 26, Green River Ordinance performed to a crowd of Ambrose students. The band has previously opened for Bon Jovi for a crowd of 20,000.

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