Graduation is creeping right around the corner

The time has finally come to walk up and receive that diploma. It only took two years at St. Ambrose but in those two years there sure have been a lot of experiences that I can take with me. For one being a commuter and transfer student was one of the biggest hurdles that I experienced here. Time spent working on projects involved driving up sometimes at the last minute for a short amount of time.

Those were the days when having a dorm or house near campus could have come in handy. Then there was the fact that as a transfer I wasn’t sure how the change from a community college would translate to the university setting.

What I found was not a change in the setting but the classes I was taking. Remembering back, the comm. classes in particular were the challenges for me. Not knowing a professor as long as some other students and unsure of some of the course material were some issues. With anything though comes patience and time.

While some experiences like classes which I really weren’t into were difficult and frustrating others were good. The classes where I could learn the skills to become a journalist were the most rewarding experiences for me. Being able to write on a variety of topics really helped reinforce what I wanted to do once I got out into the real world, particularly the job market of journalism. I have gotten to cover really interesting events on campus like V-Day and been able to write movie reviews, a passion and job I someday hope to have.

Since the day of graduation is creeping right around the corner all sorts of things are starting to pile up. Minor things and bigger ones combine to make all sorts of questions pop up. One of them being what is going to happen once I leave the college world and enter into the adult world. Looking for a job is going to be a challenge.

The right amount experience keeps floating around in my mind. Luckily I have had some good opportunities come my way to hopefully make the job search a bit less stressful.

Taking an internship through my hometown newspaper has helped me learn what things are like in journalism. Photo opportunities and writing articles about businesses have introduced me to readers in a bigger market. It’s been a great learning experience and a good builder for the résumé as well. Still it’s the time spent writing for The Buzz and the exposure to many different types of writing that I have benefited the most from. They have helped me decide what I want to pursue in my search for that perfect job and also have challenged me to write about things I didn’t particularly care for.

Now as the days start to dwindle down I can start to look forward to what’s ahead for the future.

Maybe I won’t get that dream job right away but I will have had the skills needed to help me out in a world where things constantly change for the good and bad.


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