Graduation feels like leaving home again

It has been almost four years since I sat in my new student seminar class where my instructor Deb Duley told our class “the more time you spend here, the more it will start to feel like you’re at home rather than going to school.” I wasn’t sure if I believed it then, but as graduation quickly approaches, Mrs. Duley clearly knew what she was talking about.

At the risk of sounding extremely cheesy, I am dreading putting on that $35 cap and gown and sitting in the iWireless center on May 14. I would like nothing more than to have another year here at Ambrose.

Coming to Ambrose as a freshman, like most people, I knew nobody, and was given a random roommate and suitemates. Somehow, the four of us have lived together for the past four years; maybe we were just too lazy to find different roommates. Either way, I wouldn’t change the way I did anything at this school. So thanks guys for having my back since day one of freshmen year.

Starting freshman year in Cosgrove 535, and ending senior year in Andrews A ( it may only be 100 feet from each other) I can honestly say in these short four years I have made some of the best friends in my life and learned some of the most valuable lessons both in and out of the classroom.

Through my time at Ambrose, I have only had positive experiences. Even times that were difficult, I learned how to overcome and face challenges head on. Ambrose has taught me to be a well-rounded person, exceed my goals, be open-minded, and to genuinely care for other people. This place helped me become successful.

While being here, I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to have personal relationships with faculty and staff members. Ann Austin gave me the excitement to start and work hard through college. Sivell and Dr. Preston truly challenged and pushed me to be a better writer (something I still need to work on). Veronica Riepe, Jason Richter, Sophia Pierce, and Allison Ambrose have always been there for me professionally or just if I wanted advice on something. I never felt like a number at this school, and I indisputably appreciate it.

I’ll miss seeing familiar faces every day. The 6:30p.m. Tuesday CAB meetings I’ve had for the past three years, planning Welcome Weeks. Working those summer orientations and answering all the questions from the very “involved” parents. Seeing how empty the parking lots get on the weekends, and then listen to the same people who leave tell me how there is nothing to do at this school.

While I can’t speak for everyone, Ambrose was the perfect fit for me. This university gave me everything I was hoping to find. I might not remember everything I learned in class, but will definitely remember the friendships and relationships built on this campus.

If I had any advice for anyone at this campus who still have a year(s) left, it would be to get involved with something on campus, it’s really not as “uncool” as you think it might be.

Thanks Ambrose for being so welcoming, you will be missed next August.

Kyle Miller

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