David Baker wins excellence award

With the baseball season underway, Dave Baker, operations manager of KALA radio here at St. Ambrose University, feels like Cal Ripken Jr. The hard work and dedication that Baker has put into KALA every day since 1993 is being recognized at the 109th IACWC State Convention Banquet in the Quad Cities on June 10.

Baker will be the recipient of the Barbara Wommack Award for Excellence in Media & Communications from the Semper Fidelis Club, which is a part of the Iowa Association of Colored Women’s Clubs. The award is named after Barbara Wommack, who has been a member of the Semper Fidelis Club since 1958. She honors those who have made a difference in the community through press and publicity.

Baker is receiving this prestigious award for his countless years of providing to the community through his involvement in KALA. Although he has received other honors over the past few years, Baker feels that this award is one-of-a-kind.

“I am very honored because I have never received anything like this before,” he said. “It is very fulfilling to know when you’re appreciated.”

Appreciated he is, due to his hard work ethic for KALA. Among many other responsibilities at the radio station, Baker ensures that the music being played over the air is up-to-date. His time is also dedicated to programming numerous music bits, recording his voice for some of the KALA spots, and scheduling the radio shows.

Kyle Porter, a student who works as a disc-jockey for KALA, is not surprised that Baker has received such an award.

“KALA is a huge success because of the hard work of David.,” Porter said. “He is always there helping us students out, always putting our live sports shows on the air, and just encouraging us to stay involved with KALA to get experience that we can take out in to the work world.”

Baker prides himself in being a leader for the community. He believes that one of the reasons he has been chosen to receive the Barbara Wommack Award is because of his interaction with numerous groups and activities in the community. He uses KALA to bring the listeners together and reach out to as many people as possible. KALA promotes many different organizations and Baker is proud that he can help in any way possible.

“The bottom line is I believe in education and helping others. They go hand in hand,” Baker said.

Many of Baker’s colleagues will also be receiving awards at the State Convention and he is grateful to be associated with such people. Being honored in front of friends will make the event even more special for Baker.

“It is important for peers to honor you; especially those who respect you,” Baker said. “This award just shows how St. Ambrose helps people in the community through radio,” Baker said.

He reiterated that the award not only represents himself, but KALA and the St. Ambrose community.

“You must back up the honors with hard work,” Baker said.

Along with Baker, Marie Christian, Mark Anderson, and Vera Kelly will be receiving awards for their positive influence and hard work in the Quad Cities.

Anyone interested in attending the 109th IACWC State Convention Banquet in order to support Baker during his time of recognition can pick up an informational postcard outside of the KALA studio, which is located on the second floor of the Galvin Fine Arts Center.

Dave Baker, operations manager of St. Ambrose’s KALA radio station, is the 2011 recipient of the Barbara Wommack Award for Excellence in Media & Communications. He will be presented with the award on June 10.

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