Students experience new culture

This year marked the 21st annual Multicultural Week. Students and faculty were able to experience and participate in many different events sponsored by the St. Ambrose Intercultural Club.

The  week of Mar. 26 kicked-off with events starting in the Cosgrove Cafeteria, where students and faculty could  not only see different cultures, but also to taste them. The cafeteria was transformed into a spot where students were able to enjoy food from different cultures. Flags from various countries decorated the area where students could enjoy various foods from different cultures. There was also a global market during dinner on Sunday night.

The following evening a Catholic Studies Lecture was held. Speaker Timothy Walch, Ph.D, an author, spoke about the positive alternatives of Catholic institutions to public institutions. The talk, hosted by Chair for Catholic Studies, was open to the public with the hopes that Walch would be able to educate many individuals on the subject.

V-Day 2011 was also a popular event during Multicultural Week. All proceeds for V-Day went to benefit local groups that try to stop violence against women around the world. The event consisted of readings about violence towards women. Whether the readings were funny, sad, or angry, they stayed true to making the audience gets a real feel for the issue V-Day expresses. The t-shirt and ticket sales of the event raised over $1000 for the cause.

Although the week was full of many events that were serious, there were many activities that were fun for students and faculty to participate in. The SAU Campus Activities Board also played a large role in the planning of Multicultural Week. Different events were planned during the evenings, which included Bollywood dance lessons and cricket. Students gathered in the Rogalski Center, where they were taught traditional Indian dance by Deepali Phanse, choreographer in the dance style. She chose songs that she knew students would enjoy dancing to, including “Jai-ho,” which was made popular in 2008 by  the film “Slumdog Millionare.”

Nam Nguyen, a graduate assistant for Student Activities, said they brought in Phanse because, “It was something different that had never happened at St. Ambrose before.”

Another fun activity for students was a cricket game that was played outside of the Rogalski Center. The CAB sponsored event was played at night, which made the game even more challenging. The game that originated from England is much like baseball, although there are a few things that are different. To help the students understand the game better, a cricket expert was in attendance.

Other fun events included a flag find, Model UN Society trivia, a photo contest of pictures around the world, and a Chinese calligraphy workshop, all sponsored by different groups and organizations around campus. The clubs and organizations around campus created many different events that were enjoyed by many people to show the diverse culture at St. Ambrose and in the Quad Cities.


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