Petition for game room to be free pays off

Over the past several years, pins could be heard dropping in the Rogalski Center game room. Recently the room has become filled with conversation, pool balls dropping into pockets, and the consistent sound of a ping pong ball hitting from paddle to paddle. If students are looking for some free entertainment, the game room is the place to be.

Earlier this year Cayla Orth, a game room worker,  started a petition to make the game room free to students. Orth’s petition has received attention not only from the students but also from the Student Government Association.  The petition landed on the desk of the SGA officers with 150 student signatures in agreement that the game room should be free.

“I started the petition because I, along with most of the other students, would like the games to be free,” Orth said. “I figured the game room would also be utilized more if the games were free, which I was right.”

Orth took it upon herself to create change so she brought the list with her during her shift and as students heard about it they were eager to sign their names.

“We’re broke college students, so it’s nice when free, fun activities are being offered to us,” Orth said.

SGA was quick to respond and was excited to provide the students with what they wanted.

Some of the games were owned by other companies, such as the pool table, but SGA was willing to buy out the rights in honor of the petition. SGA spent $1,600 for the rights of the pool table and it is currently in good use.

“We loved the idea,” former SGA Vice President Matt Lopez said. “This should encourage students to take advantage of the activates. We wanted to improve the entertainment opportunities for the students.”

Activity has been picking up since the petition was passed and hopefully will continue. When students have free time in-between classes or activities, they can grab some friends and enjoy the free games that the room provides. Whether they are looking for a game of foosball, ping pong, pool, or just looking for a place to relax, the Rogalski Center game room will be sure to meet all their desires.


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