Ambrose fishing club back on campus

After six rocky years of being an on-again, off-again club, the St. Ambrose Fishing Club is ready for some smooth sailing. Recent interest in the club has caused St. Ambrose to start it up yet again.

As of the first week of April, the Fishing Club is back in full swing and is once again recognized as an official St. Ambrose Club. The Fishing Club’s new presidents Dan Butler and Joe Bailey decided to restart the Fishing Club after hearing that many students on campus wanted to start it back up.

“There was a demand for the fishing club because a lot of students are into fishing but aren’t quite sure where to go around here,” Bailey said. “Because Dan and I are so passionate about fishing, we thought we’d start up the club and get people involved.”

The Fishing Club was first started by two brothers attending St. Ambrose in 2005. After the brothers graduated in 2007, a lack of interest in the Fishing Club’s leadership positions caused the club to end.

“After they graduated there was nobody to keep the club going, so it ended,” Butler said.

Although the Fishing Club has past roots with St. Ambrose, restarting the club was still a process. Because it has not been an official club since 2007, Butler and Bailey had to go through the entire process that all clubs and organizations must go through when starting up.

“Dan and I weren’t quite sure what we had to do to start the club up, so we talked to Jason Richter and he told us what we needed to,” Bailey said.

In order for the Fishing Club to be considered an official St. Ambrose club, Butler and Bailey had to find twenty people that wanted to join the club and acquire their signatures. After collecting the signatures they had to give a presentation to the St. Ambrose Student Government Association and get their permission to start the club.

When the fishing club first started in 2005, the brothers had their own fishing boat which was used by the Fishing Club to compete in tournaments. However, just as the brothers left St. Ambrose, so did the boat. Although Butler and Bailey do not have a boat, they still plan on attending fishing tournaments in the future. The Moline High School fishing coach has offered to help Butler and Bailey out if they ever need a boat.

“For right now we are just trying to get the club back together,” Butler said. “We will probably not start looking into tournaments until next year.”

Although they may compete in the future, the main focus of the Fishing Club is to get a group of students together to fish around the Quad Cities. Butler and Bailey hope to go on camping and fishing trips out of town once the club grows.

As of now, the Fishing Club does not have its own equipment and is not funded by the university. Students that wish to join the club may use their own equipment or borrow some from Butler and Bailey.

“We have extra equipment, so if someone without equipment wants to join it’s not a problem,” Butler said.

The Fishing Club’s biggest goal is to spread the word that it has started up again. Although the club is still small, Butler and Bailey believe it will grow fast.


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