Students Activity hosts ping pong tourney

Women’s first place finisher Jorden Brooks smiles next to Michelle Lohberg, her opponent in the women’s championship ping pong match.

The recent ping pong tournament is only one of many successful programs put on by Student Activities. The driving force behind Student Activities’ success is Jason Richter, the director of student of engagement.
Richter is nearing the end of his first year at St. Ambrose, and he has big plans for the next month and the next year.
“April is a busy month,” Richter said. “We are starting to plan next year while wrapping up this year.”
The night of March 3, Richter was busy with a task of the utmost importance- awarding cash to the winners of a ping pong tournament.
“Campus Recreation has held ping pong tournaments in the past, but this may be the first time we have given out cash prizes,” Richter said. “That might have been some of the draw.”
The tournament consisted of 34 men and six women. At the last minute, a women’s bracket was created so the women would not have to play against the men.
“The tournament started at 8 p.m., and we were done by 10:45,” Richter said. “In the future we will start at 7 p.m. and do a double elimination bracket. And we’ll try to have it on a Friday or Saturday.”
When all was said and done, Chris Stola walked away as the men’s champion. Jorden Brooks was named the women’s champion. Finishing as runners up were Jeremy Bell and Michelle Lohberg.
As their prizes, Stola was awarded $100 and Brooks was given $50. Bell received $50 and Lohberg won $25. Luke Wood, the third-place finisher in the men’s division, won $25.
“The tournament was a blast,” Stola said. “There were a lot of great players, and I was fortunate to be able to come ahead in the games I played. It was a great night of fun, and I’m thankful Campus Rec was able to put it on.”
Women’s champion Brooks had similar feelings. For her, the cash prize served as motivation to win.
“I was very excited to win the women’s division for the ping pong tournament because there was a cash prize of $50,” Brooks said. “When I heard there was a ping pong tournament with a cash prize, I was very interested because I love ping pong and the possibility of winning cash is always good for a college student.”
Stola was not only noticed for his good ping pong play- he also made an impression because of his clothing, or lack thereof.
“Stola started the night with all of his clothes on,” Richter said. “By the end of the night he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. It was kind of fun watching Chris go through his many wardrobe changes.”
Besides providing the ping pong tournament’s fashion report, Richter is busy planning for the remainder of this school year and beginning to think about the fall semester. Some of the events he is working on include the Green River Ordinance concert, bingo during Last Blast, and the Student Awards Night.
“The Green River Ordinance is coming on Tuesday, April 26,” Richter said. “It’s a medium sized band, but in three years, everyone will go ‘We had them here on campus?'”
Recently, the band held shows at Murray State, Notre Dame, and Iowa State.
As for the Last Blast bingo, Richter hopes to give away some good prizes.
“I would like to try to give away as Playstation 3,” he said.
Looking forward to next year, Richter would like to meet more people and begin making some changes in Student Activities.
“I would like to see the clubs and organizations try to get more funding and do more events,” Richter said. “I would also love to see more late-night activities. Things held from the 9 to midnight time frame, and on Thursday or Friday nights.”
To stay informed on all things Student Activities, students can “like” the St. Ambrose University Student Activities page on Facebook or visit the Student Activities page on the SAU website.

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