Sports Spotlight: Chris Shoopman- Baseball

Chris Shoopman serves as the equipment and team manager for the SAU baseball team. Shoopman is a sophomore at St. Ambrose studying elementary education.

Love of the game, passion for the sport and a champion’s heart. All of these qualities only scratch the surface of describing St. Ambrose University sophomore and SAU baseball’s head equipment and team manager, Chris Shoopman. He embodies the Ambrosian  mission of service to others before himself.
Shoopman is in charge of getting everything ready for the Fighting Bee baseball team before every game and practice, everything from uniforms to bats.  He practices and travels with the team to every away and home game. As a former baseball star at Metamora Township High School, in central Illinois, Shoopman decided to bring his talents to St. Ambrose, not as a player but as a member of the SAU Baseball coaching staff.
“I find doing this job for the baseball team to be very rewarding and I look forward to helping everyone on the team out any way I can,” Shoopman said. “I work closely with Coach Callahan and all of us on staff believe in St. Ambrose baseball.”
Shoopman receives no scholarship money from SAU athletics, but that hasn’t stopped the standout sophomore from putting his best foot forward and giving 100 percent to the sport and the baseball team he loves.
“It’s good to be able to travel and be a part of  the team, whatever the coaches need me to do, I do,” Shoopman said. “Coach Callahan is great to work with and all the guys on the team are really great people to be around.”
Shoopman started playing baseball at a very young age after his father got him involved. He has been attached to the sport ever since. He believes that his dedication to the team and his love for the sport are the reasons why he has succeeded on the SAU baseball team.
“I love the sport. It’s brought me opportunities that I could have never imagined- being able to meet new people, being able to travel often and build relationships with teammates are great parts of baseball,” Shoopman said.
As an elementary education major at St. Ambrose, Shoopman has a bright future ahead of him. He hopes to one day be on the coaching staff and ultimately be a manager of a Major League Baseball team. These big dreams have lead him to work hard on the field as well as in the classroom. His passion to help others and willingness to put in the effort to succeed has made him one of the most respected voices among players and coaches on the SAU baseball team. The second year team manger has brought a great deal of baseball background and knowledge of the game to the SAU baseball team.
” I really want to do something with baseball in the future, and this helps me build up the skills so I can do that,” Shoopman said. “I enjoy bringing my talents to the team and helping the best way I can.”


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