SAU lost without housekeeping

Although most editorials are written when people have some kind of complaint or critique, this editorial is the exact opposite. I am writing this piece to compliment the housekeeping staff on what a great job they do here at St. Ambrose. We would be at a loss without them and sometimes I don’t think people realize that.
When I mention to my friends that someone else comes in and cleans for me every week they have a hard time believing it. A lot of college students do not have  this same luxury and it is so easy for us to take the housekeeping staff/services for granted.
I am not trying to make a statement about how we are all ungrateful, but I think it is easy to forget how much work they really do for us.
Personally, my experiences with housekeeping have never been anything but amazing. I have lived in Bechtel, Tiedemann and Hagen and every housekeeping staff member that has helped my has always done a great job and has been friendly doing it. This is the incredible part for me. The housekeeping staff is always so friendly despite the fact that they are up at the crack of dawn cleaning college dorms.
Every time I pass a housekeeping staff member in the hallway or stairwell they always say “hi” to me no matter if they know me or not. When I moved from Tiedemann to Hagen at semester, my housekeeping lady from last year saw me and told me, “Welcome back!” which made me really happy considering I didn’t even think she knew who I was.
The housekeeping staff is not only friendly but always seems willing to go the extra mile for SAU students, faculty and staff. When my apartment had a living room light out in Tiedemann and it was taking a while to figure out when it was going to get fixed, our housekeeper actually pursued it for us and within a day our light was back on.
I for one really appreciate that they are willing to help, because it would be so easy for them to just ignore our little issues. Most of these issues are not their problems. Their problems are probably more geared towards cleaning the more uninviting things they have to deal with every day.
I’m sure by now we have all had to clean a bathroom at home or at a job so we can all relate to how unpleasant that experience may be. The housekeeping staff does it every day and I have never once heard a complaint. They are always very efficient with their time and do a thorough job no matter how gross the bathrooms may be.
I just have to commend them for the job they do cleaning the bathrooms because they are  better people than I am. This is especially true in relation to cleaning girls’ showers. I know this may seem strange because showers by their nature are generally clean but I am talking about the drains. Oh the horror! I once saw our housekeeper cleaning out our apartment drain and almost lost my lunch just seeing the cluster of hair and other nasties that came out.
So, I guess the moral of the story is I think Ambrose housekeeping rocks. Students at a lot of schools do not have the luxury of weekly housekeeping which makes me appreciate ours even more every day.


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