‘Riding hood’ shares elements with ‘Twilight’

It was like jà vu but not in a good way.
“Red Riding Hood” was released in theaters on March 11, and as I walked into the movie theater with my brother I had a few hesitations. The commercials for “Red Riding Hood,” which stars Amanda Seyfried, seemed somewhat promising and after quickly glancing at the movie on IMDB I was hopeful. It is categorized under mystery, horror and fantasy and, considering the last horror movie I saw was “Human Centipede,” I was willing to take my chances.
As most people normally do I had some preconceived notions (mostly negative) about this movie, but I tried to put them aside and keep an open mind as my brother and I entered the theater where the average movie-goer age that day had to be around at least 70. Creepy, I know, and not a good start to this cinematic experience.
The déjà vu kicked in with the opening scenes and I realized that I had pessimistic gut feelings about this movie for a reason. I legitimately thought someone was playing some kind of sick joke on us and we had walked into “Twilight.” The whole first scene is a Twilight-esque wide pan overlooking a forest and the rest of the movie felt exactly the same. Super dark scenes with extra pale people? Yes. Some kind of mythical scary creature? Yes. Damsel in distress who can’t seem to get it together? Yes. Awkward triangle of sexual tension complete with too much staring? Yes.
I couldn’t believe it. How is it that the whole movie seemed like some kind of offshoot of the “Twilight” saga? I had to know. So after going home and doing a little research I can tell you why: because it is directed by Catherine Hardwicke, the SAME woman who directed “Twilight.” Following a lot of mental cursing and profuse apologies to my poor brother I decided I should probably try to look at the movie objectively before writing this review.
I will freely admit I have seen all of the “Twilight” movies thus far. I don’t particularly like them but I have an “I have to know what happens next” mentality and I just don’t care enough to read the 500-page books. They are definitely not the worst movies I have ever seen, but they could use some work. I digress on that subject though and move on to the matter at hand.
When getting down to the brass tacks, “Red Riding Hood” was a marginal movie at best. Horror? Hardly. I’m more scared of spiders than I was of this movie. The special effects and acting weren’t anything to take note of and the opening/ending weren’t exactly thrilling but the development was decent, since I have to commend the makers of this movie on their ability to keep you guessing. Throughout the movie, which is loosely based on the original legend, I thought the wolf was almost every single character but never once was my guess right which gives this movie a few brownie points. Unfortunately, on the other hand, this movie contains the same pitfall as “Pearl Harbor” (2001), revolving more around the romance than the action.
I would definitely not recommend this movie for most guys. As for the ladies, if you get bored during this film, as I did, at least you have some hot young Hollywood man candy to stare at.
When it comes down to it, I would have to say this movie parallels “Twilight” to the extent that if you don’t enjoy anything about the “Twilight” saga, then this movie is not for you.


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