Potholes a problem on campus

It’s no secret that parking is a difficult situation at St. Ambrose. There are too many cars and not enough parking spots. Students can drive around the parking lot for several minutes before settling on a spot far away from home.
But one problem that students shouldn’t have to deal with is potholes. Forget about the lack of parking spots, we’ll talk about that later.
What we need to worry about now are the potholes. What small parking lots we do have here at SAU are trashed by several-inch-deep holes. They tear apart my car, and I’m sure they do the same to yours.
There’s a silent acknowledgment among student drivers that pass each other in the alley. We’ve all been over the same potholes; we know what it’s like to hold our breath and hope to make it out of the parking lot alive.
Now I don’t know the source of the problem, but I know it’s been an issue since I’ve been a student here at SAU. Ever since I’ve had a car here, I’ve feared the potholes. I can’t remember one drive through the alley behind Franklin, Hagen and Tiedemann that didn’t make me cringe.
My poor little Honda Civic isn’t made for off-roading.  The wheels and rims aren’t made to plunge into concrete holes and roll over cracks that are a few inches high. With every creak and thump I hear, I see the dollar signs that repairs will cost me.
Add those repairs to the cost of parking at SAU and you can imagine my frustration.
Seems like every semester I see the physical plant employees around campus putting in speed bumps and signs in the alleys. I want to tell them to stop wasting their time; the potholes do the job of the speed bumps. Anyone crazy enough to drive fast through those parking lots will be rewarded with a flat tire or torn up tailpipe.
I don’t proclaim to be any kind of city planner or parking lot engineer. And maybe I’m just complaining, and no one else notices the holes. But I have noticed several attempts by St. Ambrose to repair the potholes.
Over Christmas or spring break sometimes students are welcomed home to a small patch of cement over the offending pothole. The small filled in space, which lasts about a week, fakes students into thinking that the school is doing something about the problem. The potholes are back in a matter of days, and we all go back closing our eyes as we thunder through the alley.
Something needs to be done about the situation in the parking lot, and something needs to be done soon. Students can’t continue driving through alleys that are riddled with potholes.
Every student at St. Ambrose that has driven behind the residence halls and encountered the holes can see that there’s a problem and students won’t be happy until the problem is fixed.


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