Men’s tennis stays competitive, energetic

The St. Ambrose men’s tennis team is well into their season and has only about a month left. While building on the successes they’ve already had this season, the team is trying to keep high energy for the upcoming regional tournament.
Although the team is small in size with only 10 players, they make up for it in their competitive drive. Head Coach Rich Blomgren believes his team is able to play and compete with everyone they meet.
“Even though we’re small, we are competitive with everyone we play. We have a great level of talent throughout all of the players,” Blomgren said.
Blomgren has been especially pleased with how good the team is doing considering how young everyone is. The team has four juniors and several underclassmen.  Blomgren says the team can be an even bigger threat next year if they continue improving.
“I never walk into a season thinking or saying we have to end up a certain way,” Blomgren said. “I just want the entire team to compete as hard as they can. Hopefully throughout the season we will improve, and in the end get a shot at nationals.”
The tennis team works differently than most sports at St. Ambrose. The tennis team doesn’t have a conference. So when they play at the regional tournament in Joliet on April 29 it will be an automatic bid to nationals if they win.
Blomgren is excited to see how the rest of the season turns out, especially since he has the flexibility to switch players around on the court.
“We usually win at least one doubles or one singles match.  Most teams are usually really good at one or the other, but we are really solid in both.  It’s a really great balance,” Blomgren said.
Over spring break, the men’s team headed down to Orlando, Flo., with the women’s tennis team for some matches. The team went 3-2. Blomgren was extremely pleased with how everyone played and said they all had a great time.
“We were playing a lot of teams who were a lot stronger than us,” Blomgren said. “Everyone played to my expectations, and it was a great time for the team to bond together.”
While going through the season, Blomgren has noticed a lot of improvements from everyone, especially sophomore Luke Wood.  Wood started his freshmen year as number two doubles and has now moved up to number one doubles.
Other new players Andy Frandsen, John Rohlf, and Corbin Jensen have all made a great impact to the program this year as well, Blomgren said.
“All three of them are new players this year, and they have really helped us achieve the success we have had this year,” Blomgren said.
As the season starts to wind down, Blomgren hopes to keep the intensity and the high energy so all of the young men can hopefully make a showing at nationals.


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