Dance team shows ‘No Limits’ at spring show

The St. Ambrose University Dance Team performed its spring show on March 4 at 7:30 p.m. to a packed theatre in Galvin Fine Arts Center. The show, entitled “No Limits,” showcased the team’s dances from the fall season, competition pieces, as well as new performances choreographed for the spring show.
The team opened the show with a piece that included all members of the squad dancing “More.”  The piece was choreographed by the SAU dance team. Following the opening number was a performance choreographed by Casey Brennan and Rachel Hodgson that featured all the senior members of the team.
Other performances included a tap number, as well as a few hip hop performances by the dance team. The ladies ended the first part of the program with their Hip Hop Competition routine choreographed by Katie Arp, Meg Harrigan, Jessica Risen and Brennan.
The team started the second half of the show with their Homecoming routine, which was featured at halftime of the Homecoming football game.  This performance featured many of the dancers from the team.
Another popular performance was a Lady Gaga routine choreographed by Brennan and Harrigan. The piece featured the dancers dressed in Lady Gaga costumes dancing to a mix of Lady Gaga’s songs.  Senior Maurita Flo said the Gaga piece was her favorite.
“I loved the costumes! It was so great to see them dancing to Lady Gaga’s music,” Flo said.
She was impressed by the high energy the dance team brought.
Another popular dance was the “Everybody Dance Now” performance.  For this piece, each dancer had glo-sticks and glow in the dark outfits. The lights were turned down so the audience couldn’t see individual dancers, but could only see the glowing lights.
The second half ended with an introduction of each dancer.  Throughout the performance, each dancer was also featured in a slide-show between each song.  The slide show contained pictures from the dance team’s season so far as well as a small bio about each dancer. Although the slide show provided interesting bits of information about each dancer, the audience got a little impatient waiting for several minutes between each performance.
The team is comprised of a varsity and junior varsity squad that dance at all home football games as well as most home basketball games. The team recently competed in the Team Dance Collegiate competition in Elgin, Ill.  The members of the team represent all four years of students, with six seniors graduating in May. The team features dancers from all majors and hometowns.
Head Coach Danelle Stanger presented each of the six seniors with flowers and commented on how hard the whole team has worked to make the season a success. Assistant Coaches Darcy Stanger and Megan Reid were also given flowers from the team .


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