Predictable wins on Oscar night

Without a stutter, “The King’s Speech” was able to show that royalty will always win over greed. Winning four of the top five prizes (best picture, actor, director and original screenplay) tied it with “Inception” and garnered one more than “The Social Network”.
The Academy Awards started off as most the shows do, with a montage of the hosts in various best picture scenes doing their best to be humorous. Maybe it was because he was on camera, but this was the only time that James Franco didn’t have his deer in the headlights look. We know he’s funny from his films, but he did not seem in his element as host.
Anne Hathaway felt more comfortable on stage, especially after her rousing rendition of calling out Hugh Jackman for not performing a duet with her. I didn’t know she had those pipes, but now that I do, I want to see her in a musical where she’d be able to sing a few songs. She did as good enough job with Franco as she could, but as the story goes, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. The Academy has taken a step back with the hosts since Wolverine. Hey Academy, get some young people on your board so you can actually learn what us younger generation people might want to see, don’t just assume.
The overall tone of the show seemed more serious than what has been expected in recent years. Usually comedy giants like Will Ferrell or Ben Stiller come out and do something to wake up the crowd. Where was that? The funniest presenter was probably the least expected. When Kirk Douglas came out to present for Best Supporting Actress, he made them wait more than they probably wanted to. On three separate occasions opening the envelope and instead of announcing the winner, providing the audience with a story. Classic.
The alternative rock fan in me will never get used to saying or hearing, “Academy Award Winner Trent Reznor.” Growing up on his music, I wasn’t surprised by this because he made the score of “The Social Network” invaluable to the film. The viewer might not remember the specifics of the sound, but it served its purpose in its powerful delivery.
Besides maybe directing and best picture, all of the acting nominations were very predictable. “The Fighter” provided so many wonderful supporting roles, that it would have been an upset for anyone else to win those categories. Christian Bale and Melissa Leo as two members of the Ward family truly added depth to the film.
Maybe it was because she was pregnant, but Natalie Portman, a professional since the age of 14, was glowing as she gave her acceptance speech. Then a little British humor was added to Colin Firth’s speech, but overall, it was classy, just like him.
For the longest time, “The Social Network” was predicted to win the Best Picture category. The story, writing and acting made for such a compelling film. It dates back to about five or six years ago, so costumes weren’t necessary and the only CGI of the film was using one actor to play twins. This was a writer’s movie that deserved to win. Was “The King’s Speech” better? In my eyes, no. But it was a good enough movie where I, and many others, aren’t disappointed it won.
Two little side notes to wrap up what I thought of the Oscars. Why doesn’t the Academy just rename the Best Animated Film the Pixar? Disney/Pixar has won six times since the category was introduced back in 2001. And how was Christopher Nolan not nominated for Best Director? Seriously, this still baffles me. I wanna see if Tom Hooper, the director of “The King’s Speech” can direct “Inception” and get the same result that Nolan did. Hooper directed people in 20th century attire stuttering. Nolan directed people spinning in a room and dreaming inside a dream inside another dream! Epic fail by the Academy in my mind.


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