‘Number Four’ is number one in special effects

The story of one young man’s journey into normalcy is anything but that. John (Alex Pettyfer, “Beastly”) seems to have the good life, popular and good looking but in reality there is much more going on. Unlike the rest of the people surrounding him, John is an alien running from an evil army of aliens known as Mogadorians. When word gets out about who John is he must leave with his protector Henri (Timothy Olyphant, “The Crazies”) to a safer, more obscure place.
Resenting having to live a quieter lifestyle, John must stay hidden by going to school and coming home. John begins to resist Henri’s orders to stay low. Upon meeting Sarah, a lonely photographer played by the lovely Dianna Agron (“Glee”), John’s life starts taking a turn for the best and worst.
Wanting a normal life, John makes friends with outsider Sam (Callon McAulliffe) and starts falling for Sarah. Life starts to sound good but some stumbling blocks start to cave into John’s world. Having enemies from his home planet after him is bad enough, but making enemies with football players at school creates problems for John as well. Deep down reality soon sets in and John must come to terms that the Mogadorians are coming for him and he must brace himself for the fight of his life.
The reason this movie works so well is the lead character John. Played by a relative newcomer, Pettyfer conveys John with this tough but vulnerable image. In turn the audience wants things to turn out perfect for the character. The interesting relationship between John and Sarah helps move the story from action sci-fi to romance.  Pettyfer and Agron from the start convey a deep, passionate relationship based on the subtle ways of communication between the two actors. That sense of two characters who don’t exactly fit in is a nice addition and helps move the story into a more emotional one as well. It’s the relationships between John, Henri, Sam and Sarah that make the audience want to invest their time in the movie.
There are several scenes worth mentioning, in particular the haunted hayrack scene and the final fight scenes between the Mogadorians and John. Heightened by experiencing the film in IMAX ,the hayrack scene feels as if you are in the actual movie without the hassle of 3D glasses. It’s an experience that a standard version of the film couldn’t convey as well. The fight scenes really are enhanced for the audience because of IMAX and one feels as if they are playing a role in the film.
“I Am Number Four” continues to bring exciting new twists and turns that have the moviegoer wondering what’s going to happen next. The unpredictability in this film is a fresh experience from all the clichéd movies that seem to come out in today’s movie industry. Containing the whole package of great actors, special effects and storyline, “I Am Number Four” is worth seeing again.


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