Men’s basketball falls to old rival

With a record of 23-8, the SAU men’s basketball team had their sights set on an MCC Tournament title. After last Wednesday’s 71-56 victory over Grand View (18-11, 8-9 MCC), the Fighting Bees advanced to a semifinal game at Iowa Wesleyan (22-4).
When the Iowa Wesleyan Tigers played SAU earlier this year they handed Ambrose their first home loss, beating the Fighting Bees by one and putting out the flame on a 21-point SAU comeback. Unfortunately for the Fighting Bees, history has a way of repeating itself.
“One goal we wanted to reach was being the number one seed come tournament time,” Mike Kennedy, SAU junior forward said. “We didn’t reach that goal unfortunately. We can make up for that by winning the tournament.”
Last year, the Fighting Bees fell to Ashford in the tournament’s first round. After winning five of their final six regular season games, losing just one home game, and defeating Grand View in the Lee Lohman Arena, it is evident that the team has learned from the experience.
Nonetheless, Ambrose has run into challenges on the road this season. On the Feb. 3 and 5, SAU suffered two straight road losses, with the second coming to Waldorf (8-19, 3-13 MCC) in Forest City, IA. To advance to the tournament finals, SAU had to overcome their road woes in Mount Pleasant. The Bees came up just short of doing so.
“We’ve proven that we can beat the best teams in the conference if we just go out and play hard, but we have also lost to some of the worst teams in the conference when we weren’t focused from the beginning of the game,” Kennedy admitted. “I think with the upperclassmen we have, we should have the right experience to win these games. It’s going to come down to which team plays the hardest in the tournament.”
Unfortunately the Fighting Bees’ rally fell short to the 12th ranked Iowa Wesleyan. SAU came back with a 21-point rally and lost 79-78 at home. The Bees finished their regular season 23-9 overall and finish fourth in the Mid West Collegiate Conference.


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