MACA hosts hip hop fashion show

On Feb. 24, the Rogalski Center ballroom was transformed into a model runway as the members of Multicultural Affairs Committee Action put on their annual fashion show.
MACA plans a fashion show every year to showcase the different fashions around the Quad Cities. Daniella Harris, president of MACA, thought the show overall was great.
“It was awesome because we were just able to show affordable clothing from around the Quad Cities, and it’s great for the stores because we are basically doing free advertising for them,” Harris said.
MACA went around to different stores in the Quad Cities and asked if they would be interested. Three stores decided they wanted to participate. These stores included Deb, City Trends, and Body Central. All of these stores are located on east Kimberly road.
An email was sent out to the student body asking for people who are outgoing and would be able to let loose on stage as a model. As the models started filling up, MACA started to notice a lot more guys were willing to model this year.
“I was really surprised at how many guys wanted to model this year, in the past couple years we have had a really big surplus of females, and it was actually a really nice to have it a different way this year,” Harris said.
After having a total of 20 models, the MACA members went with the models to find the clothes. Some of the models included Munir Sayegh, Katie Quid, Joseph Appah, as well as Tony Rea and Jonathon Ryan.
“For me, shopping with the models is always the best part because I get to see what kind of style other students have, and what type of things they like to wear,” Harris said.
Around 80 people came to see the models in their new attire. MACA member Maurice Fulton emceed the evening, describing the models’ personal interests and hobbies. As the evening went on, a performance from Mike Harts,  otherwise known as “Mike Swag,” rapped an original song.
“I love watching Mike perform because I think he just keeps getting better,” stated Harris. “He gets up on the stage and becomes a completely different person, and it’s just really good.”
Advisor Michael Dixon was also really impressed with how the entire evening went, and glad MACA pulled off such a big and cheap event.
“It was really good for MACA to put this all together and pull off such a great show, without spending any money.”
So, the next time students are looking for some fashion tips, or wondering where to get some affordable clothing in the Quad Cities, they should make sure to ask a nearby MACA member.


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